—by Christine Lorenz, Eugene, OR

Today I massaged the guru’s feet
with sandlewood oil and awe
My heart pounded, yet joy flooded my body
and stayed my trembling hand.

Blue light poured out his mouth
And his eyes found me through closed lids.
Awash in Shakti I clung to the moment
Knowing my own feet have led me here.

My hands work with humility and gratitude
And at the same moment I am raised up.
As I touch his feet, blue flames flicker at his ankles
Sending light surges through my own body.

My hands are mine and not mine
Time crawls and I am stretched
In my mind I kiss the guru’s feet
Heart bowing, surrendering, hands still moving

I am no longer who I was before
I quicken my steps on the path
Releasing the feet whose steps I follow
…….into the blue.