To Rudi

—by Swami Ganeshananda, Norway

Says Stuart: Below is a poem about Rudi written by Swami Ganeshananda who teaches Rudi’s meditation practice in Oslo, Norway. He’s a very old friend of mine, and I am happy to share his writings:

You were a complete circle,
luminous and expanding;
no paradox could pierce
your infinite flexibility.

For you all elements of life
were contained within
a one-pointed focus
on the Self.

You were to spirit
as wood is to fire;
a look from you
dissolved the world.

You rose to meet Śiva
in marble stillness;
your fiery love transcended
all attachment.

Now is another morning,
frost is in the ground;
my forehead’s on the floor,
I’m on my knees for you.

The frost is yours to melt,
this body goes to you;
without your great love,
I would be less than nothing

—Swami Ganeshananda

Ruda Meditation Center

from the recently-published book
Poems to the Bliss of Awareness