—by Laura Ayala Chicago, IL

This Kundalini meditation taught by Stuart, handed down from Rudi, this opened-eyed gazing practice, dramatically changed my life like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. My perception of reality dramatically shifted effortlessly, which in and of itself, is somewhat of a miracle.

I happened upon this practice by reading A Deeper Surrender by Stuart Perrin— a book that I just happened to pick up. As I read this book, I remember saying to myself “Yes, Yes, absolutely, I agree”. In a nutshell, it said that if you want a spiritual life, one must work for it, and the goal is God. Now, I’ve read many books prior to this one that I gotten excited about, but it never explained HOW to reach those states of consciousness. They said a lot of wonderful things that I mentally understood, but I so wanted to live, be, and operate from a higher level. Stuart’s book told me how to do it. I went on line, found Paul Levy in the Chicago-land area who taught this gazing meditation, attended Stuart’s intensives, and I’ve never been the same. Yea!

The transformation was incredible. It went from sobbing in my car after practice to one day waking up and my total reality shifted. My codependent, insecure self vanished.

Now I’ve done other workshops, retreats, meditations, al-anon meetings, professional counseling and all of that was nice, but it was really mental masturbation.

You see, I came from a dysfunctional household and married an alcoholic. I was miserable and depressed about the choices I made. I felt trapped. This practice woke me up! I’m now happily divorced for 7 years with two children and I accredit this practice to helping me move through many fears in my life….. that’s it, I was absolutely fearless. I KNEW who I was for the first time.

This Kundalini meditation practice gives me self-empowerment on all levels. It allows me to feel the presence of the God-force. It gives a sense of peace and wholeness, energy and joy, as I walk my life with an open heart and a secure foundation.

I am forever grateful to Stuart Perrin, Paul Levy, and Rudi for this teaching. You saved my life – and I humbly and sincerely thank all of you from the deepest part of my being….