—by Carole Singleton New York, NY

When I first met Stuart Perrin, I was going through great difficulty in my life. One of my closest friends was dying. This person was also someone who had helped me find my spiritual path initially. I had lost my job and in general things were difficult for me. I was not very trusting of others. There was a lot of fear in me. Previously, I’d been in situations where I thought people were trying to harm me for no apparent reason. At the same time, I was searching for a spiritual teacher because I knew that I wanted to work to the other side of this fear, anger and general anxiety I felt. I knew that I couldn’t do this on my own.

So someone introduced me to Stuart Perrin and I began studying with him. At first it was very difficult for me to study with him because he was always surrounded by anywhere from 5 to 35 people at a time and I was very much afraid of large groups of people. I could see the love and the simplicity with which Stuart taught the meditation and I knew I had to endure what ever it took for me to study with him.

During the beginning of my studying with him it was so very difficult because each and every time I sat down with him I had to confront my blocks, the anger, fear and anxiety that plagued me at that time. Stuart knew I was having a hard time but he encouraged me. He would talk after class and tell us that on the other side of our “stuff” was a spiritual life. I knew that what he said was genuine so I worked through all of the “stuff” that was inside of me in each and every class until I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel. It was not easy. Some of these feelings and limitations went so deep in me it took a bit of time to see the clearing… but I did.

I had studied with several meditation teachers in my life before I met Stuart, but not one of them was so genuine and humble as Stuart. Most of them charged lots of money, hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for a retreat. Most of them did not teach a real and dynamic exercise that you could use both in the meditation class and on your own to grow and develop your spiritual connection to the higher power. Stuart simply came and taught people how to do this dynamic meditation exercise (that Rudi had taught him). He taught the classes 6 sometimes 7 days a week to everyone that came to him with a genuine desire to have a spiritual life. There were no charges; there were no requirements other than your real desire for a spiritual life. Stuart Perrin quietly teaches meditation classes in Manhattan and offers retreats at all of his meditation centers to this day. I am glad to say that these classes have had a profound effect on my life and I am very grateful to Stuart Perrin, Rudi and this meditation practice for the changes in myself and my life.