—by Lucila Wroblewski, São Paulo, Brazil

I remember, when I was a child, of certain moments when I felt one with the Universe.

It mainly happened while I was riding my bicycle along the lonely dirt track we had in our small family’s farm, in Itapecirica da Serra.

While I pedaled my bike, my eyes contemplated the scenery, the wind waved my hair and all the plants around gently, the sun laid down it’s golden light over the earth, and all things and beings pulsated and existed in that one and continuous moment.

A moment of pure joy and wholeness.

Until now, 45 years later, I can remember clearly and feel replenished by those instants I experienced when I was about 8 years old.

I had to grow up to realize that the real moments of my life are these ones, when the being meets the Universe, and everything just fits into place.

No words, no thoughts, no judgments. Just pulsate with life.

Instinctively, in those early years, I began to look for places and situations where I could live with this kind of awareness.

It was a long quest, but when I met Stuart I felt I found my place.

Differently from other spiritual teachings that I used to go before, this simple practice was like a spring of fresh water to me. So simple, yet totally unattainable if you’re not really present at your moment, with your heart open.

I‘ve been having classes with Stuart and mainly with Ciça (I’m Brazilian, and live in São Paulo, Brazil) for 14 years now, and I still feel grateful for having found these people and this way of practicing meditation.

Stuart’s words saying that the real text of spirituality is to live our daily lives, dealing with our everyday situations are completely true to me.

As he also says, everything around us is just a mirror, showing us who we are being, and what we’re doing of this life.