In a world where spiritual guidance is often sought but rarely found, Stuart Perrin stands as a beacon of wisdom and experience. From his early days studying Kundalini Yoga with the revered master Rudi to becoming a teacher in his own right, Stuart’s journey has been one of profound transformation and enlightenment. Through his teachings, writings, and retreats, he shares the keys to unlocking inner peace and harnessing the power of the universe. Learn more in this exclusive MysticMag interview by Predrag Vlatkovic:

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and share a few details about your spiritual journey?

My name is Stuart Perrin, and my spiritual journey is a long story. I began my studies in New York City, at an early age, with a great master named Rudi (Swami Rudrananda) who taught me a remarkable form of Kundalini Yoga. He trained me in deep meditation practice and made me a teacher in his tradition. Prior to meeting Rudi. I had spent nine difficult years looking for someone who could open a door to a spiritual life, and who would help me overcome deep-seated internal confusion and find inner peace. I traveled half around the world looking for this person, and, of course, found him in my hometown. I’ve been teaching Rudra meditation for 40 to 50 years now with students around the world.

Rudra meditation practice isn’t a religion or a cult. It’s a craft one learns that uses mind, breath, will, and need to develop a strong chakra system and one’s connection with Higher Energy in the Universe. For those unfamiliar with chakras, they are energy centers within the human body, located in the forehead, throat, heart, navel, sexual area, base of the spine, and crown of the head. They serve as a direct link between individuals and Higher Energy in the Universe. Early on, in my studies with Rudi, he spoke about spiritual starvation and how it contributed to conflict and tension in the world. People lacked training and couldn’t transform their tension into positive energy. This resonated with me. I’d been searching for someone to teach me how to transform my deep-seated tension into a spiritual life.

Every human being’s life connects the objective world with Higher Energy in the Universe (spirit). Without a strong internal system to handle these powerful energies, people become overwhelmed and lead erratic and crazy lives. Life itself is a strong and overwhelming force that each human being must deal with, and spirit is infinite energy that’s beyond all human comprehension. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna manifests the light of a thousand suns that appear in the sky and reveals the immense power of spirit.

Kundalini is a powerful energy force that exists in every human being. When activated, it offers a direct path to spiritual enlightenment. It is also an incredibly potent force. Without a strong chakra system, without the development of the Hara (chakra below the navel) at the core of one’s being, without strong rootedness and foundation, the energies of the objective world, spirit, and Kundalini can overwhelm the inner life of a human being. There are eight billion people in the world and each of them sees their own unique reality that’s all too often driven by ego, opinion, and internal conflict. It creates an environment akin to an asylum. Every human being tries to fit every other human being into their own reality instead of cultivating the strength to allow people to be uniquely themselves. I tell my students that I’m not a guru. I tell them that life itself is the true guru. The meditation I teach helps them to develop an internal system that enables them to listen to life and learn from its teachings. They become grounded, their minds and emotions become quiet, their hearts open, they master the internal use of sexual energy, and they can transform negative energy into a positive life. The meditation I teach helps practitioners develop strong chakra systems and have their own unique dialogue with spirit…