—by Dvorit Elzafon Pacific Grove, CA

dvorit-2014In the early eighties I left Israel where I grew up and settled in south of India for two years, in a spiritual community named Oroville. Oroville was a place I KNEW at that time where I wanted to live the rest of my life. A family matter forced me to go back to Israel for a few weeks, which was prolonged to nearly a year. I was still saving money to return to India, a place I thought I would evolve and grow. I lived from my suitcases, ready to depart any minute.

A telephone call from a friend in Jerusalem caught me minutes before my departure. The friend told me that he had found a meditation teacher, and he was on his way to a class. Something in me responded immediately. I had heard about Alik prior to this conversation but this time I knew I had to go.

It so happened that at this time Stuart was visiting Alik in Jerusalem. I came running. There is no other way to explain that. I managed to get into class at the last moment. Alik gave me the exercise and I joined Stuart’s class. I spent the rest of the day with them and could not leave. At that time I did not know how fortunate I was to meet two mountains of energy, whose presence would change my life forever. Stuart left the next day back to New York, and I, who still did not comprehend what was happening to me, was drawn to this energy and continued coming to classes.

These seven years in Jerusalem were very intense and incredible years. Many students came and went, each one of them coping in his unique way with the frequent tests of this hard inner work.

Stuart was in New York but he was in my heart all that time. I was able to visit him in New York for a short while. A few years later, after many changes in Jerusalem, Alik continued his journey and went back to the U. S. He later on asked me to join him. Again, I left for the unknown.

The unknown that I found made me realize that it is the state I would like to be a part of. I found the KNOWN to be so unsatisfying for me. I wanted much more. This is the essence and the most important part of Rudi’s teachings that I have adapted into my daily life. To arrive at that place I have to really surrender and let go every given minute, and make room for a higher and amazing energy that presents itself to me daily. This energy is a constant reminder that I have not arrived, pushing me on my endless Journey.

Thank you, Rudi.