—by Tressa Borras, Islamorada, FL

I always thought that to grow, I had to suffer, but I had no idea why I needed to grow, and I was tired of suffering for no apparent end or reason.

About nine years ago (the time seems meaningless so I may not be accurate), I was having pains in my hips and could not find relief with exercise, bodywork or anything else. I was seeing a massage therapist who had heard of this chiropractor named Dr. Patrick Fay. My friend thought that Dr. Fay could help me.

I made an appointment with Dr. Fay who indeed did help me with my hips, but I soon found that my hips were not the reason he was brought into my life. After a couple of years of bodywork (and his quiet teachings), Patrick introduced me to his meditation practice. I would meet with him weekly to study.

Periodically, Patrick would go away for a weekend to what he called “Intensives” with his spiritual connection, Stuart Perrin. I always had questions about his weekends; he would talk a little about them but without details. This drove me crazy. I wanted to know everything!

Well, after being invited many times (I felt in the very depths of me that this was a life commitment and I had some commitment fears), I decided to attend one of these “Intensive” weekends with Stuart. It was the life changing experience that I had always believed in the core of my being would happen. It was also the most powerful experience I’d ever had in my life, but, in truth, I still was not fully committed. I did continue to go, but always tried to find some excuse not to… money, time, other commitments… whatever. I was still practicing the meditation with Patrick and somewhat at home on my own but not committed completely. (It seems so silly when I think back on it.)

I am now in my fourth year and always looking forward to the next “Intensive” weekend with Stuart to help strengthen my daily practice. I also continue to meet weekly with Patrick, my friend, my teacher for meditation. I do have to say, the one thing that amazes me is the simplicity of these teachings. I now know that Dr. Fay wasn’t holding anything back from me.

There is not much to talk about. This practice is a simple, hard discipline, involved but direct and clear. I don’t suffer so much now. I know how to move through life more easily. I have tools. My purpose is to try to open deep within myself so that I can stay connected to my spiritual path and to continue to grow. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers in life and especially to Dr. Patrick Fay and Stuart Perrin. God has blessed me… God bless you.