—by Kris Jones Portland, OR

In 2010, I became seventy years old. It hardly seems possible. I have lead an interesting and fulfilling life up till now, and the center of it, like the axis of a wheel, has been learning Rudi’s meditation practice from our beloved teacher, Stuart Perrin.

The Buddhists speak of being bound to the wheel of samsara (illusion, life and death) but for me our meditation has been a wheel of a different sort, rolling along, moving me towards spiritual, physical, emotional and material freedom.

I’ve been practicing our meditation for 30 years. During that time I’ve encountered an assortment of human challenges— being a mother and grandmother, a professional singer and voice teacher, suffering illness (including cancer), dealing with relationships, family and money matters, and all the business of daily life that we human beings share. Sitting down daily and doing our work— centering, breathing, opening, receiving, surrendering, has made it possible to not only survive but to feel an immense amount of gratitude for all these experiences. What I’ve learned in the last 30 years is that everything is a gift from God…. Love in Disguise. And She really has a sense of humor! I’m looking forward to living the rest of my life with the joy and anticipation of a child.

With unending gratitude and love for our teachers, Stuart, Rudi, and Nityananda.

Kris also teaches the meditation practice as taught to her by Stuart. More information about Kris’ class schedule is here in Centers.

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