“Based on a true story, ‘LEAH…’ is one of the most important books written about the depth and transformational power of Rudi’s (Swami Rudrananda’s) meditation practice.”

When Dina is told by an oncologist that her thirteen-year old daughter’s tumor was inoperable and chemotherapy wouldn’t work, when she was told that Leah had about three weeks to live, Dina contacts David, a meditation master. This exquisitely written book tells the poignant story of the healing work David undertook to shrink the tumor. It takes the reader on a voyage from a state of medical hopelessness to a surgeon who steps out of an operating room with a smile on his face and tells Dina: “It’s a miracle. We got the whole thing. The tumor formed a sack around itself and was shrinking inside her.”

As Richard Gere wrote in his forward to the book: “With an open heart and deep insight, Stuart Perrin explores the true nature of health and disease. In Leah, cancer is a disorder of the spirit whose roots can finally be cut by a fundamental change in one’s spiritual life. An important story of purity, loss and understanding…”

And further praise from the actor Alan Arkin: “An immediate and very easy to understand account of the healing process as it works within the healer. If this book falls into the right hands at the right time, it could save lives.”

Other Reviews

“There is a powerful simplicity and directness about this story and I have no doubt that it will have a wide audience. The quality of the writing and the nature of the narrative give the book a strong hold on the reader’s attention. Please accept my thanks for the privilege of reading Leah.” —Norman Cousins, American political journalist, author, professor, and world peace advocate.

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