Stuart Perrin has contributed a wonderful essay to this new compilation from the folks at Sounds True. Stuart explains in this first-person story— Life, Happiness, and Kundalini Yoga— he did not actively seek the experience of kundalini; rather, he learned about kundalini through developing what he calls a “strong chakra system,” studying meditation, and practicing kundalini yoga. He reflects on his own experiences and shares advice, addressing questions such as: How do life, happiness, and kundalini relate to one another?

An excerpt:

I never read books on kundalini. I learned about it by developing a strong chakra system and a connection with Higher Energy in the universe. I also discovered that a gradual unfolding of my inner life enabled me to experience the force of kundalini and use it in everyday situations. When I listened to people express fear of the power of kundalini, when I listened to them analyze this unexplainable subject, I used to chuckle to myself, then tell them the word kundalini reminded me of Italian ice cream. It was a way of keeping the subject light, of never taking myself too seriously, of exploring my inner life through meditation without having to understand the results of the process. I discovered that my experience of kundalini was the end result of chakra development. I also discovered that kundalini was just another word unless its force was integrated into everyday living. It made for interesting conversation, but talking about it didn’t quiet my mind, open my heart, or get me an inch closer to my spiritual enlightenment…

Reviews of the Book

“Kundalini Rising: exploring the Energy of Awakening” is the contemporary voice to guide a new generation of seekers through the uncertainty of life’s most intimate journey. This is the book that you’ll hand to your children with pride whilst wishing someone had done the same for you earlier to answer your questions of awakening!” —Greg Bradden New York Times bestselling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time.

Reading From the Book

Stuart reads his first-person story from Kundalini Rising: Life, Happiness, and Kundalini Yoga