—by Pat Fay, Miami, FL

When I was twenty four years old, I started to study Hatha yoga. I was raised as a Christian and had studied music since I was ten years old. I was an orchestra musician and had come to the realization that performance tension was something that I couldn’t contend with. The inner life started to open when I realized that I had to do something about myself. The study of yoga started a chain reaction in my physical body and in my mind. Things woke up that seemed to be stored in me and I wanted more.

I sought out information about yoga and the life of meditation. I read and looked for teachers. Early on, I found a copy of Rudi’s Spiritual Cannibalism. I tried to read it but couldn’t seem to absorb it. I studied Ramakrishna’s life and teaching, and read about Ramana Maharshi’s life in “Who Am I?” All of this exposure made me more and more hungry for teaching.

All of the reading that I had done told me about meditation but not how to do it. I went to study with the Hare Krishna temple, the Tibetan Buddhist meditation of om mani padme hum, and darshan with Indian gurus. I did get a substantial help in the meditation on the name of Sri Ramakrishna but still I was hungry.

When one of my students came back from Texas after studying with Stuart Perrin, I was introduced to Rudi’s work. It immediately resonated with me as I received teaching and energy. I have been studying this work for about thirty years and continue to learn and grow because I have the tools to do it. Nothing can replace teaching and technique. Only working with a teacher can impart this precious gift. I am forever grateful.

In my current life, I am working with people doing body work, acupuncture, and chiropractic on a daily basis. I am constantly blessed with the ability to stay centered and being able to open the heart. To be able to be open with those I am with is a gift that I could never have imagined and one that makes the flow of energy a constant joy.