—by Christine Lorenz, Eugene, OR

The first time I went to a meditation class (with Kris Jones) I felt completely confused. There were two voices inside me as I meditated. One said “run away, this practice will make you unrecognizable to anyone” and the other voice said “stay put, this practice will change you in ways you have not imagined.”

I stayed….. and have been doing this practice since 1997. It has given me the strength to get through a divorce, the death of 3 dear friends, and the care and eventual death of my elderly father— basically the most difficult things that life throws at us as humans.

I work two jobs and have also learned to draw incredible strength from my meditation practice as well as to refuel and recharge by participating in meditation retreats whenever I can. Stuart has taught me that fear is the wall of illusion that can be brought down in an instant by breathing and opening the heart. I have learned to have “fierce compassion” in my life and that has given me the energy I need to be in the world, do my work, and do it with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.

I am so very grateful to have found these teachers (Kris and Stuart) who have brought Rudi’s work to me— although truth be told, God found me. I am a happier, calmer and more grateful person for it and the journey continues.