This article was excerpted from a talk that Rudi gave mid-February of 1973, days before his passing:

You have to constantly relate everything to the simple fact of what you really want in your life. The very nature of a human being is that he’s born with the chance to have a choice and use his consciousness. It’s the consciousness that sets a flow in the body that represents this freedom. The system needs to be fed by some conscious energy. There has to be a very conscious effort and a very conscious pattern that releases a flow in your system. You really are open to higher energies and these energies are essential to make a human being. You have to feel this flow. A man has to fuel his mechanism. You have to open your system and feel this energy coming in from the cosmos; this is how man gets his fuel.

All the metaphysical secrets are just ways of people looking for different symbols representing energy. A human being can’t attain anything in a simple way. This thing of sacrifice exists in every kind of religious ceremony. When you find yourself in a situation which is difficult, what you’re doing is making a situation completely out of your own mind. You have to overcome this to find a treasure in yourself.

The thing of getting up in the morning and facing your own existence and having the real sense of your inner self will open you. A truly sensitive person can look at the sun, at a flower and really feel the adventure of life. If you stop and really enjoy a day, you would find out what paradise is and what nirvana is all about. It’s all around you. It’s very much in the nature of not appreciating what we have until it’s taken away from us for a while. You have to breath inside and be happy and grateful inside. We’re all here and have an opportunity to learn.

I find a great deal of happiness and joy in myself; I don’t have to depend on anybody else for it. You have to learn that you have to nourish and be nourished by the people that you love. It’s through your own ability that you’ll have everything. I know so many of you that have had things come about that you couldn’t believe would be available for you, but how much do you feel it in your ordinary day? You’ve all been enriched tremendously. If you don’t nourish these gifts they’ll cease to grow and will vanish like an unattended flower.

You have to find something in your day that is wonderful and have a zest for life. You have to begin to find your existence wonderful. You have to project from yourself and for yourself that within yourself you really are living your life and accepting it and enjoying it and loving it. You enjoy those things which are available to you. It’s your conscious wish that when you sit down you feel inside yourself. If you’re chewing on one peanut, everything in your body should respond to the taste of it. Everything in you should be enjoying it.

A day for me is like a hundred years. It holds so much richness and so much content. You become one with yourself, enough to become one with someone else. You have to in your ability to work, in your ability to expand your energy, begin to share all that’s around you. You all have to have a symphony of energy going on around you. Look at the color around you; feel the force that’s being given off. It’s yours to reach into, yours to share, yours to partake of.

People are afraid because they’re afraid to expose themselves to life. All that you don’t get is your inability to face yourself. Life begets life and love brings love. All that people require is love. A mental disease is a symbol of a very sick ego. The person tries to change everybody but won’t change himself. He has an inability to accept what is given. Nothing can satisfy him because he doesn’t want to be satisfied.

You have to want to share and be happy. Anything in you that can’t be happy represents the death in you, and you have to begin to break that down. You learn to laugh and open in yourself and do good things and work at these good things and open to them and become one with them. You play at being happy and you use that kind of method until slowly but surely you become a happier person. By not being able to open to life, you’re closing yourself more and more. You have to work at things that expand your energy. You have to begin to realize that if there’s a bridge in your life between you and somebody else, you have to do whatever you can to open and love them. What difference does it make what you have to do? You’re supposed to be a more conscious person; and this is exactly what is required spiritually.

It’s not always easy for me to break down blocks of energy for hundreds of people. You have to put out for me. You’re responsible within yourself for an immediate love quantity. You can’t let a day go by or an hour go by where you can’t open and love the people around you. If you feel a lack of communication with me, then you get dressed and come in my store and wash the floor. I can break all of you down, but if I go away for two years, you’ll all fall away because of your inability to break down that block within yourself between you and your own creative energy. You have to learn to break down your own chemistry. Go inside very deeply and bring your attention down and make it expand inside you. I’m telling you things which should go deeply inside, not just stay in the brain.

Everything is based on energy. People come in the store and I ride on the wave of their energy. You have to begin to relate to everything that way. You have to work and want to work so that the force is going into every muscle in the body. The thing you must do is feel one within yourself with every person that you come in contact with during the day. You have to understand where you’re wrong; where you’ve done something to close the other person. You’ll find that every person you fight with is satisfying a need within you to fight. You have to communicate with each other in a very direct way. You can’t go to sleep mad because you’re closing energy patterns that you need. These people are just a manifestation of your inability to transcend yourself.

When you’re free, things come to you because there’s an openness in you. The attitude of lightness and openness to receive is much better than fighting. The thing that draws most is a vacuum. A human being is an instrument for God. The force flows through you; it fills you and goes through you and keeps cleaning you out. You’re just a tube through which this higher force flows.

In class your whole effort is to expand you; and as your heart opens and the force flows through you rise with the force until you’re free and open. Then you have a sense of bouyancy and freedom and happiness. You have to live in it quietly, happily and openly. You have to be grateful to this kind of instrument. You see the expression of God within somebody else and then the force will expand you and come down into your heart and you’ll grow. Any energy under pressure keeps getting smaller and tighter and you eventually go crazy.

A God force has to be a continual flowing force through an instrument. Energy without love isn’t a God force; it’s a manifestation. Not only do you have to relate to everything in yourself, but you have to realize that you have to be inside when you talk to somebody so that you’re nourishing and being nourished.

Spiritualism without love is some kind of magic, but it’s a very small area and it isn’t one with the whole cosmos. Real knowledge encompasses everything. Any kind of knowledge which doesn’t have a basis of love and humanity becomes a destructive thing. You become so protective and your need to be supreme in it becomes so strong that you eventually become crazy.

You have to be able to encompass everything and everybody that comes near you. The love dissolves and breaks down and makes everything a oneness. You have to let the heart expand; and you’ll find that your spirituality flows into the atmosphere and becomes one with God and you love God. Your need for a restricted way of doing ceases to exist. If you don’t feel a love with people that you have a constant love with, then you really have to sit down and work and open to them. If it doesn’t manifest as love, it will manifest as another energy force. Your inability to work and your inability to love represents your nature to not be a completely happy person. It’s good to know that you’re in trouble; it’s better than thinking that there’s nothing wrong.

Nobody says that you have to love everybody, but at least see in yourself and feel in yourself and see what has to be done to help you open. If your heart is closed, then you’re fighting with yourself and you’ve gotten an innocent person involved in your inability to express yourself. You must begin to see where you don’t function. God is love. A spiritual person who can’t love cannot nourish another human being. It all has to be one. If you can’t find the oneness, you won’t find anything.

You have to begin to realize that it isn’t that one person is good and one person is bad. We tolerate people because they’re like us. When you begin to live with and love people who are not like you, you break down your own energy and you start to live. You can’t be a prisoner of the psychic forces that live within you. There has to be no restrictions within you. There are no special conditions about life which make one kind of life better than another.

Basically everything is all the same, but certain things manifest in a way which make it easier for you to relate to. Breaking down difficult things frees you. You do what you can to the best of your ability and be very open and alive with it. Your inability to encompass somebody else’s life represents your inability to share your life. Everyone wears the face of God.

One of the big reasons for working for a long time is because certain energies only come into being maybe once in a hundred years, and you have to be open to them. Things in the cosmos are moving and certain energies are available at that point. You have to be open and as conscious as you can be at that time. You have to become sensitive to energy. People represent the manifestation of the energy in the cosmos. Difficult situations come to test you and to tell you that you need greater energy. You have to look in people and feel people and see what God is projecting towards you. You cannot accept any situation as not being good. You pursue it and try to clarify the situation. You attack the person because you can’t accept what they’re telling you or you love the person and you go above the situation and try to find out why you’re closed. You have to surrender all of your effort and all of your ego. You won’t accept someone else’s situation, because it threatens what you’ve done. You have to really take everything.

It’s only a fool who goes to someone with his knowledge. You go with your surrender. To really have a spiritual life is to surrender to take in something else. You have to be strong enough to surrender. You should be able to take and be willing to change. I want to change my life.

I want not just to grow, but I want to be happier. The whole concept of growth is nothing. You have to find the sweetness within you. One should really have a taste of God today. That joy and that happiness should exist today. You have to do things that prove to you that you’re capable of experiencing love and God today. You have to feel God spread in your heart. You have to really enjoy today. If you can’t enjoy today, you’ll never realize God tomorrow. You have to find joy in your life so that that grows along with the spirituality. You come into this house and you become filled and joyous.

What you’re working for is a projection of what you have earned now and in all your previous lives. Begin to enjoy it now. You have to begin to love today. You have to have heaven on earth as much as you possibly can. Why be bludgeoned and beaten? You have to transcend it. I want nobody who’ll take the sweetness out of my day. You have to attract from the sweet thing of yourself. You work hard, you have the right to enjoy your life. You have to put it into effect by doing. You look around and love the atmosphere that you’re living in, and you love it by making it that way.

What I have now is my realization. I want to enjoy that I don’t want a hundred ashrams. I will not have that. I only want what God brings me. Success for me is sitting in a park, reading a book and watching some children go by. You have to have love and growth. Unless there’s love, there’s absolutely no maturing of the growth. Unless you consciously reach for the things that you love and enjoy and consciously eat them, taste them, you’ll never know the sweetness of realization.

You have to love and enjoy. Enjoy the drama of your own life; enjoy the beauty of your own life; enjoy the air, the sunshine; ENJOY! It’s your life! It has to have interest in it. Feel your face, feel your hair; you have to consciously relate and feel.

None of you are enough for me to reject God. When you let somebody come into your life that takes the joy and bliss out of your life, they’re taking you away from God. Nobody has a right to deprive you of that. If you’re here, you have to be part of it, you have to enjoy this. You sit down in your meditation to tap the higher possible energy. It should fill you. If it doesn’t work, then you feel the deadness in you. Then you breathe and try to open. It’s foolish to try and make somebody happy unless you have some empathy with them.

There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for God. You have to learn to love God by not just opening one way, but every way. On the earth the greatest way of contacting God is through light things and through love. You have to make yourself light inside to reach up to God. Everything that you do has to expand you. You feel the energy rise until it opens your heart and you feel the energy going up to God. You have to raise your level of love so that your love becomes an expression of God.