Madness Falling From The Sky takes the reader on a voyage through the political, sexual, and spiritual upheaval of the 1960’s

From Darkness to Light is a heartfelt exchange of letters between Isabelle Sinclair, a 21 year old-inmate and Stuart Perrin

The Mystical Ferryboat & Other Stories is an anthology of three important early works in one volume: Mystical Fairyboat, Rudi, & Dancing Man

Light in Jerusalem is a memoir of various and sundry
 experiences I had on trips to Israel, set in 2006
 a time of war in the Middle East.

Leah: A Story of Meditation & Healing is the story of a young girl who is diagnosed with an inoperable tumor that had three weeks to live

Moving On: Finding Happiness in a Changed World touches on the human struggle to make sense of an absurd and often painful life

Navigating the River of Time shares incidents from the life of a confused young man who journeys halfway around the world and back

Navegando o Rio do Tempo partilha eventos da vida de um jovem talentoso, mas confuso em uma viagem por meio mundo até o retorno à cidade natal

Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters Every human being is like a lotus flower, living in muddy waters and has to find a connection to light and love

Little Sisters is a multicultural love and family saga set in New York City, Nepal, and Mumbai, taking the reader on a journey