The chitchat of emotional and mental energy exhausts most people and never gives them a moment of peace. It is rare to find a human being who lives with a quiet mind, who has inner balance and strong roots, someone who has learned the basic truths we see in nature. A tree has roots, every flower, bush, and vegetable has roots. Only people drift through life with a sense of abandonment. Even a salmon returns home to spawn.

The search for roots takes people to villages in Africa or shtetls in Eastern Europe or ancestral homes in foreign lands that are thousands of miles away. They often discover that their ancestors were no saner than the people who live around them in the present. Rarely, if ever, do people go inside themselves to find answers. They don’t realize that internal rooting is the answer to their quest. Nowhere on earth are they going to find the strength they will find when they root themselves in the hara (third chakra) – an internal strength that enables them to deal with any situation.

Nature teaches us this. Trees and plants that have healthy roots can weather any storm. People who have neither inner balance nor harmony can weather little or nothing. They spend most of their time in their heads — thinking, daydreaming…  a captive state that creates constant conflict and fear and drains them of their energy. Their inner turmoil is projected onto the world: right, wrong, good, evil, endless polarity and division. There are seven billion people on earth and each of them sees a distinct reality; each person tries to fit the rest of the world into his or her vision of what’s right or wrong. But, no one and nothing fits; and the world is a battlefield on which the mad lead the blind through labyrinthine passages that go nowhere. There’s no balance, no harmony, and very few lessons are gleaned from nature’s vast resource of wisdom. I once wrote, “the most sacred place on earth is where we are standing.” It’s a holy place, a blessed place that’s full of life and love and we need to do nothing but go inside our self to find the source of all creative energy…