—by Jackie Kaufman, San Francisco, CA

It is impossible to put into words what kind of magical influence Rudi’s teachings have had on my life. The experience of this spiritual journey simply defies description. All I know is that I am eternally grateful to him for his invaluable gift to me as a spiritual seeker.

After practicing Rudi’s meditation technique to the best of my ability for about 20 years, I feel that I am just now learning how to crawl. It could be because I know in my heart that this work is a life-long process that requires undying patience with myself. It also could be because I feel I have arrived at a place in myself of childhood revisited. It’s a miracle to walk down the street feeling literally like a toddler. The world seems so beautiful in its vivid colors and vibrant energy.

Our meditation practice has made me feel so open, so “in the moment,” so full of wonder. That which was once so guarded, negative, suspicious and angry within me is finally giving way to a completely fresh and lovely view of the world. The desire to anesthetize myself with alcohol and caffeine has given way to an ability to enjoy life in a natural, balanced state of being. The spiritual fight to free myself of wanting to be in an altered state has been very educational in many ways. I have learned so much about healthy living through foods, herbs, fasting, colonics, acupuncture, sauna, massage, and the list goes on. These healing practices are conscious gifts born from the practice of Rudi’s meditation, gifts from a loving and generous God— a God that “helps those who help themselves.”

The odds can definitely be against us. As Stuart says, you don’t have to look for adversity in this world. It is always there. Luckily, Rudi’s meditation technique can transform inner blocks and make it possible to open the heart. The seemingly insurmountable tensions we have become glaringly apparent as we practice Rudi’s work. Only a fearless warrior can brave these tensions and transform them into love and joy— someone who is so sick of seeing his pathetic ego in the mirror, he will do whatever it takes to hack the ego to death. It’s an uphill battle, but one worth the struggle especially when we see inner conquest yield a wonderful taste of success. It is worth the pain and suffering. The meditation practice takes you deep within yourself to a place where you feel soft, sweet joy and love bloom in your heart.