by Ciça Pinto, São Paulo, Brazil

I met Stuart in Brazil, when he came to give some classes on Rudi’s Work to Brazilians who had studied with him in New York. I was trying to learn how to meditate by myself, when, invited by a friend, I had the opportunity to attend one of his classes. At the beginning of the class, I thought I couldn’t concentrate at all, yet after I got up from meditation I felt so calm, so light, and, yes, so strangely happy! That was in the beginning of 1986. I am sure the Universe helped me, for, by the end of the year, I had to move to New York with my family! I started then to attend Stuart’s classes every day, and it was a very happy time for me… Of course it took time and effort to establish in my heart and day-to-day routine the regular practice of meditation, but thank God I did not have to do it alone: my teacher’s guidance and the companionship of my fellow students were always available and loving.

My life changed so much that sometimes it felt like it had a whole new and fresh start. As I learned and grew, I felt that the meditation practice gave me a broader perspective from which to view my daily life, changed my feelings about what is important in the world, made me more capable of going deeper into myself and become aware of how we are all linked, teaching me compassion and love.

This work also gave me the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people like Kris and Jagna, who helped me to be a better student of Stuart’s teachings, also Bob Sink, Alik and so many other precious teachers and friends. I moved back to Brazil in 1993, and since then I teach meditation to a small number of students. Stuart comes every year, and we do a wonderful Brazilian retreat (on those occasions the number of students is greatly increased! Brazilian students just love having Stuart here!) .

As I meditate everyday, I have my teacher Stuart in my heart, and I know I will be forever, grateful for all I learned from him, for his support, for his presence in my life and for this amazing spiritual work.