Ramana Maharshi taught his followers to ask themselves the question: “Who am I?”, a question that helps one to discover their own nothingness, a Tantric realization that pierces illusion and touches on deep inner truth. No matter what image I have of myself, one day it must be surrendered. Death reduces the best laid plans of men and women to ashes. Out of the ashes a phoenix bird wings its way from lifetime to lifetime and peels away thousands of masks that blanket the path to enlightenment. People hide behind those masks and refuse to come out until death’s inevitable force makes them embrace their own nothingness; people use a maximum amount of time and energy to promote their egotistical needs in a world replete with timeworn obstacles. The uncertainty of it haunts the actions of every human being; the absurdity of a lifelong struggle to succeed in a material world with the knowledge that nothing really matters except total surrender the moment of death.

Life and death meld into a continual evolution of the soul’s journey towards enlightenment.

So, who am I? Am I a white man, or a black man, male or female, a Republican, Democrat or Independent, Gay, Straight, Queer, Lesbian, or Trans, rich, middle-class or poor? Whatever I am needs to be surrendered because the ever-ready specter of death will force me to step into the unknown. Either I learn to surrender in the ‘now,’ or my lack of consciousness in the ‘now’ will be taken away from me at some point in time. If I let go in the ‘now,’ fear diminishes, insecurity dissolves, and a marriage of life and death manifests as one energy that transforms polarity into joy and love. I am at peace with myself and the rest of the world. My life is no longer a rambunctious, white water rapids ride that will be interrupted by death. I have no expectations and I accept the ‘now’ as something sacred and precious. When I open my heart and fill it with love and compassion, the future takes care of itself. In fact, there is no future. It’s just today, becoming tomorrow. If I make today work, if I’m at peace with myself, tomorrow will never be a problem.

Life and death meld into a continual evolution of the soul’s journey towards enlightenment. If there’s love in the ‘now,’ it becomes a state of grace that frees a person from reincarnation. They’ve learned the most important lesson there is to learn on earth: to be happy, to fill one’s heart with gratitude and kindness and to live a compassionate life. It’s the essence of Tantra, of Kundalini, of all religions, of birth, death and rebirth, and the soul’s purpose when it journeys through a riotous world full of pain and suffering…

(To be continued…)

Saiva saint Manikkavachakar, Bronze, Late Chola

Saiva saint Manikkavachakar, Bronze, Late Chola