The mind of a human being is like a quick-change artist. Frenetic and full of tension, it seeks answers to eternal questions where answers fall short of true understanding. It manipulates the material world with rational thought that skirts spirit and takes one to a playing field filled with illusion. It evades a deeper sense of self with denial and cynical views about inner awareness: those intangible and mystical realities have no place in everyday life. The mind doesn’t accept that spirit exists inside every human being. Its quest for truth takes people on a voyage through an objective, half-baked image of reality and renders it almost impossible to function in an open, simple, and happy way.

People become slaves to their own insecurity. Their egos are a powerful veneer that blanket fear and anxiety. They never discover the soul’s mysterious quest for a truth hidden on the other side of the illusion’s veil. To surrender self-image requires an effort more difficult than anything a human being can imagine. It takes years of inner work to master internal chaos, to grind the ego to dust, to be left with nothing but spirit and realize that a state of enlightenment exists in every human being. Once illusion’s veil parts, once we’re strong enough to live without masks, truth becomes manifest, and one discovers that enlightenment is an inner state attained in the ‘now.’ It is always there. Human beings must free themselves from layers of illusion to experience the soul’s Raison d’être.

To surrender self-image requires an effort more difficult than anything a human being can imagine.

To discover what exists in the ‘now’ raises serious questions. Why is it hidden in plain view? It is either a high point of absurdity or a paradoxical enigma that people cannot solve. The answer won’t be found in remote and unexplored territories thousands of miles away. A seeker doesn’t have to go any further than himself or herself to solve the puzzle that mystifies humanity. It’s ‘a road less traveled’ that demands consistency of exploration that’s disrupted by an abundance of internal resistance. One must stand naked in front of life’s mirror; they must disrobe themselves of ego, charisma, self-importance, victimhood, and fear on a journey through a Mirkwood-like forest of false images of self. Without a strong chakra system people can’t survive a trip through their internal haunted house. There will always be another reason to navigate subjective and objective tributaries that lead nowhere. People substitute transient rewards for the soul’s connection to the spirit. They find diverse reasons to not free themselves from internal chaos.

Committed meditation practitioners sustain deep inner work over long periods of time until barriers to enlightenment have been overcome. If they procrastinate and find reasons not to work on themselves, they endure an internal status quo and live in a prison of their own creation. Being miserable and unhappy is easy. It doesn’t require much of an effort. As a person ages, years of conditioned behavior makes it difficult for them to change. The body and mind deteriorate. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s often set in along with an assortment of illnesses that require medical care. No one changes simply because they get up in the morning. It’s never that easy. People change because they make a conscious effort to develop a strong inner life and convert dysfunction into joy and love. No excuse justifies a lack of change and inner growth. One lives exactly as one wants to. If the need to grow spiritually is real, serious efforts must be made to transform internal chaos into balance and harmony.

If every human being lives at the center of creation; if every human being has enlightenment buried deep inside them, no one must travel far and wide to find it. They carry it with them wherever they go. They also bring chaos and confusion. They are obsessed with problems instead of using problems to free the spirit. They refuse to listen to an inner voice that could guide their soul out of an illusory world and accept that an open heart filled with joy, love, and happiness is a doorway to freedom and spiritual enlightenment…

(To be continued…)

Bhairavi as Shmashan Kali

Bhairavi as Shmashan Kali