There are seven basic chakras in every human being. They are in the forehead, throat, heart, below the navel, the sex, the base of the spine, and the crown of the head. Each of these chakras is a direct link between a human being and Higher Energy in the Universe. They connect a human with the divine. Undeveloped chakras create weakness in everyday life. When the heart is not open, there is anger, fear, insecurity, jealousy, depression, and many other emotions that never ripen into love. One becomes a victim of their own negativity. They are incapable of embracing life’s magical gifts that manifest every day. The heart is the seat of gratitude, love, forgiveness, joy, and happiness. Gratitude enables the heart to open. If one sustains gratitude, the heart stays open, and illusion’s three-ringed circus no longer threatens stability. Joy, love, and happiness become a permanent part of one’s inner life. I’ve said many times: “Happy people are enlightened people.”

Sustainable happiness transforms a person’s life.

Sustainable happiness transforms a person’s life. People delude themselves into thinking that happiness is gifted by external events: a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a marriage, the birth of a child, a house, the new job, the sixtieth pair of shoes, a new car, the clothes one wears, and so on. What turns people on rarely sustains itself. That moment of joy based on external stimulation never continues for long periods of time. The sensation is exhausted when negativity manifests or when the newness of a situation becomes old. The heart’s fragile nature falls prey to illusion if there is not enough inner strength to support its openness. A closed heart is like a wilted flower that tries to greet the sun. A human being needs to be grounded in order for the heart to stay open. The transformation of suffering into joy and love is a tantric experience, a change so profound that it enables a person to recognize life’s sacred nature and fulfill their karma. “God is love,” but unconditional love is impossible unless a human being sustains an open heart and a psychic muscle system (chakras) that enables one to live a happy life…

(To be continued…)

The Cathedral, August Rodin

“The Cathedral”, August Rodin