If a spiritual life is not a practical life choice that is used every day to raise consciousness, if the result is not kindness, compassion, and an open heart, the merry-go-round of karma will continue to spin on an axis that transports the soul from lifetime to lifetime. From the time I was sixteen years old, it was clear to me that words of wisdom were meaningless unless they could be made palpable. They’re not a sales pitch for one’s particular spiritual practice. Words of wisdom are a means of interacting with other people as well as interacting with oneself. Detached from internal and external chaos and sensitive to the lives of others, words are less important than an open heart and a vibration of love and compassion communicated from person to person. When words are spoken from the heart, they become offerings of joy and empathy.

Life’s sacred span and death’s passageway into the arms of the unknown, are an education the soul must receive to free itself and become one with the universe. Tantra’s mystical and esoteric meditation practice transforms a person’s inner life. It turns fear into joy and insecurity into compassion and teaches every true practitioner to be human. What does it mean to be human: an open heart and the realization that one’s life, as well as every other life is sacred. The awareness that time is precious and should be used to develop higher consciousness; that human beings can be at peace with themselves and the rest of the world. Love and kindness transform one’s inner life, and one’s empathy for the problems of other people. Prejudice and judgement pit people against each other, and bigotry, and racial intolerance are really a manifestation of self-hate. Each human being has something important to teach every other human being and should be listened to with an open mind and heart. One doesn’t have to die to enter hell. All one must do to accomplish this diabolic feat is live with a closed heart.

Tantra’s mystical and esoteric meditation practice transforms a person’s inner life.

Wisdom’s gateway to a conscious life is tightly shut when one substitutes intellect and a rational mind for spirit. For wisdom to be effective, it must be rooted in an open heart, and never come from imperious people who lord themselves over others. Humility is essential if wisdom is to exist in our ego-drenched society. Humility defies accepted modes of behavior that induce fear. It allows each human being to be uniquely themselves and share needs that have been buried beneath decades of anxiety. The rational mind can only comprehend a limited amount of information. It can analyze it and draw conclusions, but never completely grasp the source of the problem. The use of pills and drugs can deaden one’s problems but they never solve them.
Rudi spoke about a world of spiritually malnourished people, an epidemic that touches almost eight billion strong. With all the technological mayhem and medical discoveries of the twenty-first century, more people are sick, homeless, starving, and suffering today than in all written history, a pandemic caused by spiritual malnutrition, by inner lives that are barren, unfulfilled, distraught, and deeply unhappy. The soul of humanity has decayed to a point that one can hear silent, but desperate cries for help; one can hear inaudible cries in every country on earth that are louder than the roar of a train. Money and fame don’t still them. When trauma forces a person to do something about their spiritual hunger, at that very moment, a step is taken to change the world. It starts with one’s self-awareness and the need to build an inner life that’s strong enough to transform unhappiness into joy and love. It is a healing process that changes the way individuals see themselves, and the way they see the entire human race…

(To be continued…)

missa aurea

Missa Aurea