Inner Voice

A human being’s inner voice inspires positive decision making, a voice that imparts knowledge and wisdom that emanates from a higher source where illusion no longer separates consciousness from true knowledge. One must focus inside oneself and listen to the OM sound, a living energy that nurtures chakra systems and attunes a human being to the source of all creativity. If a person is plagued by chaotic internal clamor, there is no room for the OM sound. Silence regenerates one’s inner life and allows the soul to transcend time and space and enter a transcendental universe that frees one from karma. One’s inner voice emerges from a wellspring of silence.

There’s only so much water that can be put in a glass. Likewise, if a human being is full of righteousness, orthodoxy, tension, fear, and insecurity, there’s no room for spirit to thrive. One must make room for the OM sound and surrender whatever stops its manifestation, a sound that reveals itself as an inspirational, intuitional, or instinctual response to a mystical vibration that opens one to the sacred nature of ‘now.’ As one listens to the sound of OM, illusion disappears, and clarity of purpose guides the soul to a deeper sense of reality.

At an early age, I’d lie in bed and listen to the OM sound but had no idea what it was. In my late twenties, as I gradually mastered the meditation practice taught by spiritual teacher Rudi, the internal voice grew louder, and it became clear to me how to use it to develop a strong inner life. The voice of creation manifested inside of me…of genesis…the first moments of time, and a connection to spirit and freedom from karma.

Silence regenerates one’s inner life and allows the soul to transcend time and space and enter a transcendental universe that frees one from karma.

‘In the beginning was the Word,’ is written in the Bible, a profound and mystical sentence that has many levels of meaning. All of creation stems from the ‘Word.’ It’s the genesis of life as we know it in the ‘now,’ a sound that emanates from the source of creation that exists beyond realms of time and space. The ‘Word’ also reveals how immersed a person is in illusion or whether they are free of Maya’s veil and in touch with spirit. Do they speak from the heart or do they speak from preconceived ideas about life’s purpose? Have they surrendered years of conditioned behavior to allow their inner voice to guide them?

People complain about snow, cold, rain, and discomfort in the winter. But the dead of winter makes it possible for spring to emerge. It allows for rebirth. The OM sound also allows for rebirth. Every word that’s spoken generates newness and reveals a person’s inner state. Do they have a connection with spirit or is each sentence a rational one conceived in the mind and disconnected from the source of creative energy? It took me many years to learn that life’s vastness is beyond my limited understanding. The alternative became clear: concede what I know, let go of all past encumbrances, embrace my inner voice, and let it guide me to a state of total surrender, to a oneness with spirit and creation. I have no idea what’s right or wrong anymore. I must allow life to teach me so that I don’t inflict my opinions on others; I must stop judgment because most people don’t live their lives according to my way of thinking.

I discovered early on that I had no idea how anyone should live. Each person is my teacher and it’s impossible for me to learn anything if I’m full of myself. There’s no limit to the amount of surrender inside me. No matter how deep my inner voice takes me, it’s only the beginning of a journey to the infinite. Creation abounds, knowledge and wisdom are without limit, and all of it manifests in my daily life. There will always be something wrong. That is how we are created. But my inner voice navigates life’s difficulties, teaches surrender, freshness, and regeneration. Every day, I allow my inner voice to guide me through darkness and light on a path toward the soul’s raison d’être and freedom from pain and suffering…

(To be continued…)

Chorten or Stupa, Tibet, bronze

Chorten or Stupa, Tibetan, bronze