Sexual Energy

People talk in undertones about sex and sexual energy, but few have any knowledge of tantra. Repressed sexuality, fear of unsatisfactory lovemaking, of giving and receiving, of letting go, of guilt and sin, fear so ingrained in the human psyche by religious and secular dictums that constrict a healthy approach to sex. Driven by lust for another person’s body, by thoughts of pleasurable experience with or without consent, and desire that transforms reason into a dangerous act of abuse, people are obsessed with the power of sexual dominance, a power that can wreak havoc on themselves and the lives of others.

Religious and social taboos dominate human thought and constrict the true enjoyment of sex. These taboos work their way deep into the unconscious. They further damage already damaged minds and emotions. They help to create an uptight and sexually frustrated generation of people desperate to step out of rigid social and religious indoctrination, a perverse intensity of human libido that fears involvement with other equally uptight individuals and contributes to an exorbitant amount of suffering. It leads to pedophilic behavior by adults who rape and sodomize children and indulge in neurotic activity of such depth no wonder most human beings are angry and intimidated by this subject.

Sex is not only pleasurable, but also a means to transform lower elements of one’s life into pure energy that activates kundalini – a force so powerful that it opens internal pathways to spiritual enlightenment.

Instead of teaching congregants that sexual energy can be used to develop a spiritual life, they’re taught original sin, and that sex is the handiwork of the devil. They’re told they will roast in hell if they indulge in LGBTQ sex or sexual intercourse outside of marriage. No one is taught conscious use of sexuality. Every living creature is a byproduct of sexual energy and supposedly created in the image of God. Dogmatic and dictatorial constrictions misuse basic human needs. They force people to repress anxiety and tension until it builds up inside like a volcano ready to explode. I’ve been told that in India a woman is raped every twenty minutes. It’s almost too horrible to imagine, but repressed energy needs an outlet, and restrictive societies bring the nightmare of sexual abuse on themselves. If popular movies have overt and titillating song and dance routines, the inhibited psyches of viewers must be affected.

The emotional and psychological damage caused by sexual repression continues to inflict harm on people all over the planet. The answer to this pandemic-like situation is very simple, yet almost impossible for people to recognize. Sex has nothing to do with the possession of another human being. It’s an act of unconditional giving and receiving, a means of opening one’s inner life to spirit, a transformation of tension and anxiety into love and sharing. To remedy sexual dysfunction, the internal system of a human being must change. Chakras must be developed, and spirit must nurture them. Sex is not only pleasurable, but also a means to transform lower elements of one’s life into pure energy that activates kundalini – a force so powerful that it opens internal pathways to spiritual enlightenment. Once people learn tantra, they can heal themselves of repressed anxiety and mental and emotional anguish. With or without sexual intercourse they can awaken kundalini and a spiritual life.

Tantric meditation practice helps one to master the energy of mind and use it to focus on the hara. It enables a person to open to a Higher Power and it provides a deeper insight into the true nature of sex. The practitioner gains inner strength that enables their heart to stay open. It also keeps the mind quiet. Tantric meditation is a craft. One must relax into it and trust an alchemical process that transforms tension and anxiety into inner peace. It cannot be forced to work. As the practitioner’s consciousness evolves, he or she focuses five to ten per cent of their attention at the base of the spine and consciously draws energy through the sex. They repeat this process again and again until it becomes an organic part of their sex life. The other 90 to 95 percent of one’s attention must remain centered in the hara. It gives a practitioner the strength to awaken kundalini.

The Bible says: “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is God’s.” The sperm and the egg, and their union, create a new generation of souls that come to earth to evolve and grow spiritually. The sexual act creates newborn children that are given “unto Caesar” (the objective world), and Tantric meditation gives “unto God” the soul of a human being when an internal male/female union takes place in the sexual area and gives birth to kundalini. The intensity of orgasm can “give unto God what is God’s” by activating kundalini and its pathway to spiritual enlightenment. Conscious use of sexual energy frees Tantric meditation practitioners from pent-up fear and anxiety if with gratitude, they give both “God” and “Caesar” their due…

(To be continued…)

Kandariya Mahadev temple

Erotic sculptures at the Kandariya Mahadev temple.