Like so many other positive things in life, lovemaking has become a repository for abuse and power trips, for titillating consumer horniness, and a means of exploiting people in order to sell products. It is also a metaphorical garbage dump for human tension, and a power that one person imposes on another via rape, seduction, etc. Tantric sex is a form of meditation, but its pure state of unconditional love is rarely experienced by people who haven’t made the effort to develop an inner life.

In Saivite temples in India and Nepal, there are statues of Nandis (sacred cows), placed in front of statues of lingams (Shaivite phallic symbols), and yonis (female sexual energy), and behind them a statue of a cobra (kundalini) that rises.  These iconic and ancient sculptures symbolize the tantric process. The Nandi is male energy, the power of chi in the navel chakra. That energy moves through the sex and creates a male/female union, (the lingam and yoni) which gives birth to kundalini, the cobra that rises from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Ancient Hindu priests didn’t promote promiscuity. They just paid tribute to the tantric process of spiritual awakening.

Tantric energy is a fast path to God, but a path that must be traveled consciously.

A scholar can read sundry books on Tantra, memorize every word that’s written, but not move a quarter of an inch closer to mastery of their chakra system or a spiritual life. Patience and a commitment to an inner growth are essential if one wants to master Tantra. A highly developed chakra system enables a meditation practitioner to experience the male/female union in the sexual area and kundalini rising from the base of the spine. Tantric energy is a fast path to God, but a path that must be traveled consciously. A promiscuous use of Tantra can be a fast path to the sanatorium. The power of Tantric energy can easily harm one’s psychological and emotional well-being. Over time, and with patience, one moves closer to spiritual enlightenment. Internal obstructions are transformed until there’s nothing left of chaos. There’s an open heart, balance, centeredness, inner peace, and oneness with the Maha-guru called life.
Much of the mystery that surrounds Tantra eludes ordinary mindsets and the sexual aspect is often spoken about superficially. When a meditation practitioner is ready, when his or her chakras are highly developed, Tantra will manifest organically. It’s another step in the evolution of one’s spiritual life that can’t be forced. It just happens…

(To be continued…) 

Lingam and Yoni

Shiva lingam at Pashupatinath temple, Nepal