Tantric yoga transforms mediocrity into a mystical experience and connects a meditation practitioner with cosmic awareness. It defies rational explanations and has a logic of its own. The erotic nuances of Tantra intrigue many people, but Eros isn’t the main purpose of Tantric meditation. Why we’re born on earth is an enigma. What are we supposed to learn in the brief number of years we’re given is also a puzzle so complicated that people avoid a solution. “Who cares,” most say. “Just let me be.”

Few people enjoy their allotted time. The pain and suffering can be so intense that they rarely see the sublime beauty of life. There is no magical and sacred “now” when one is buried beneath a mound of tension. Sex is one of the few pleasures that people can enjoy. Its high voltage energy frees them from moribund mental and emotional prisons. It’s a means of being close to another human being and experiencing climactic highs in an otherwise stagnant world.

Unconditional love for one’s partner enables sexual intercourse to reach a level where Tantric meditation becomes possible. Past and future dissolve into the present. The “now” transforms tension filled minds and hearts into profound spiritual experiences with one’s partner. There’s no room for negative or positive thoughts, only a force of energy that transcends any notion the mind can conjure…and hearts open and stay open to unconditional love. The difference between a Tantric orgasmic experience and routine sex takes place when each partner surrenders to a spiritual force.

Tantric yoga transforms mediocrity into a mystical experience and connects a meditation practitioner with cosmic awareness.

Orgasm is a powerful energy. When focused on the base of the spine, it awakens kundalini, and the soul of a Tantric meditation practitioner is guided into the cosmos. The mind must be quiet and the heart open, and internal chaos transformed into balance and harmony. If the love of two people has this kind of depth, Tantric practice will unify internal male/female energies. Intercourse becomes more than a sexual act. It’s a profound meditation practice that makes it possible for one to develop a spiritual life. Each climax will renew vows of love and bring both partners a step closer to self-realization.

The mind fragments unconditional love into thousands of puzzle pieces that never get put together. It’s the godfather of crazy and has dictatorial powers that rule supreme and never allow a person to live peacefully in the moment. Adrift in a world that’s detached from reality, a mental world, an ephemeral world of abstract thought that bounces off many walls before it manifests as practical living, a human being lives in the moment and not in the moment at the same time. It’s an elusive state of being that rules the lives of people; a denial syndrome taken for granted by those who have never known anything else.

Chakras are esoteric energy centers that one reads about in books. People think they are nothing more than ancient Hindu/Buddhist beliefs that have little to do with life in a place like New York City, a place where the “now” is a blitzkrieg of car and truck noises, of thousands of pedestrians crushed into avenues, subways, and streets, of neon lights and giant billboards, of high rents and expensive restaurants, of tension so strong it rules supreme, a place where people are so afflicted by the “now” they retreat to safety in emotional and mental suburbs. They take refuge from the moment in a secret hideaway replete with non-stop and conflicted thought patterns. The esoteric gets lost in the ever-present humdrum of mind and Tantra is something one reads about, but never experiences. The erotic aspects turn one on, but the essence is lost in a mishmash of life events that deny spiritual development.

Chakras, Siva/Shakti, transformation, and kundalini are nothing more to most people than echoes from an ancient world of siddhas, nagababas, and saints that inhabited caves in the Himalayas or roamed the banks of the Ganges. They have no place in the lives of citizens of the Western world. The idea that Tantra could be a living experience for Middle-class Americans is beyond the pale, an idea that becomes reality the moment meditation practitioners realize that the chakra system is an essential part of the development of one’s humanity. No longer an esoteric concept, meditation becomes a craft that develops in one the strength to inhabit a place like New York City with an open heart and quiet mind…

(To be continued…)

Heruka in Yab-Yum form

Chakrasamvara, Heruka in Yab-Yum form