The Real Battlefield of Truth

Time is neither an enemy nor a friend. Its nonstop movement never seems to arrive anywhere that satiates the needs and hungers of humankind. Day moves into night, months into years, and years into centuries. Costumes and apparel change, art and architecture change, music changes, but the needs of mankind remain the same. At the forefront of these needs are love and care. Whether it’s in popular music or opera, whether it’s hip hop, rock, blues or jazz, the need for another person’s love has created a plethora of songs with lyrics that touch the heart.

Time rolls nonstop into some ocean of eternity, to a place that transcends comprehension in even the most intelligent of minds. It doesn’t fit into a cubicle. It befuddles critical and logical thought patterns. The more we contemplate time, the less we understand it. We try to make sense of a world that has never made any sense in the first place. We grapple with the abstract and attempt to make it practical. We refuse to accept that sense and nonsense have cohabited from the genesis of time and their cohabitation lets life be.

Human beings cling to conceptual thought and use it to create order where there is none. Their internal chaos disrupts interaction between thought, emotion, and sexuality. People are swept away in whirlwinds of tension. They’re blindsided and made deaf and dumb by its power, and don’t utilize energy in a clear and conscious way.

Acute tension denies access to life in the “now” and frazzles one’s well-being; and hyper-intense, chaotic inner lives are ready to blow the lid off a mountain. With minimal connection to spirit, balanced and orderly lives are difficult to find. They’ve been swallowed up by mental, emotional, and sexual tumult that thrives in a world where internal chaos uproots human effectiveness and makes it impossible to live with a modicum of inner peace. People accept tension’s presence as normal in everyday living. They’ve cut their connection to a spiritual life. They assume that internal chaos is normal, and self-torture justifies their inability to function every day. The real “battlefield of truth” rages inside every human being and won’t go away because people rationalize mental, emotional, and sexual dysfunction.

The sacred gift of time must be used to elevate people’s consciousness and help them transform dysfunction into a connection with Higher Creative Energy in the Universe…

Entitlement is the byproduct of a bloated ego, deep fear, and the inability to live an independent life. A person who is born privileged does not need to engage in or contribute anything to the world. It all comes to them, and they imprison themselves in a cell constructed from false ideas of what life owes them. There’s no inner quiet or sense of self-worth. They refuse to navigate their internal world and live that way until they die.

The “slings and arrows” that confront humanity remind one that they must live their life in a state of surrender. Time conceptualizes turmoil and maintains some kind of order in a fragile world. It’s a reminder that discipline is essential if we’re to accomplish anything. There is the moment of birth and the moment of death, and each elicits an emotional response: birth elicits joy and gratitude, and death, sorrow and grief, serving as a reminder that people live in a prison located somewhere between inception and inevitability. They have a certain amount of time to accomplish their goals.

Death and the unknown are major causes of anxiety and fear. There’s no conceptual means of escaping them and people can’t fathom why they must deal with a life lived on the edge. They are too frightened to accept the notion that the precious gift of time enables one to transform fear into joy and depression into positive living.

Kundalini and Tantric meditation transform a prisonlike and tense existence into an open and joyous revelation of life’s sacred nature. We’re reminded of the importance of inner work; we’re reminded not to take anything for granted. We’re given the precious gift of time, and it enables us to connect with spirit. This moment, the next moment, and every other moment becomes one moment that links birth with death. The sacred gift of time must be used to elevate people’s consciousness and help them transform dysfunction into a connection with Higher Creative Energy in the Universe…

(To be continued…)

Qur’an of Ibrahim Sultan, calligrapher Ibrahim Sultan, Iranian