Years of deep meditation practice revealed to me that I knew little or nothing about life. The very notion of sublime and endless ignorance shredded my ego and demanded a very deep surrender. It forced me to live my life in the moment. There was no past or future, just the “now” in all its frightening and intimidating beauty. The less there was of me directing traffic, the more room there was for spirit to guide my actions. I realized that wisdom and compassion were the children of consciousness. One cannot exist without the other. Neither can exist if the human heart is closed. I discovered, early on, that the only successful people on earth are happy people. I also discovered that enlightened people don’t know they’re enlightened – they just live that way.

People’s varying degrees of ambition are attempts to reach goals that make them happy. They were born sweet and lovable babies, but the taste of paradise was ripped out of them at an early age. There’s no immediate solution to this quandary. It’s the story of paradise lost, and paradise regained. The heart must open and stay open and learn to transform tension into life giving energies.

The very notion of sublime and endless ignorance shredded my ego and demanded a very deep surrender. It forced me to live my life in the moment.

In Henry Miller’s 640-page book, “Plexus,” he wrote about his ribald and riotous Rosy Crucifixion in Brooklyn. I came across a passage that made the read worthwhile. If I may quote:

“…. There’s only one thing, spirit. It’s all, everything, and when you realize it, you’re it. You’re all there is, there is nothing more…do you understand what I’m saying?”
I (H. Miller) nodded my head affirmatively. I was a little dazed.
“You understand,” said Claude, “but the reality of it escapes you. Understanding is nothing. The eyes must be kept open constantly. To open your eyes you must relax, not strain. Don’t be afraid of falling backwards into a bottomless pit. There is nothing to fall into. You’re in it and of it, and one day, if you persist, you will be it. I don’t say you will have it, please notice, because there’s nothing to possess. Neither are you to be possessed, remember that! You are to liberate yourself. There are no exercises, physical or spiritual, to practice. All such things are like incense—they awaken a feeling of holiness. We must be holy without holiness. We must be whole…complete. That’s being holy. Any other kind of holiness is false, a snare and a delusion…”

When one’s consciousness enters a place where every act, every emotion, every thought, every moment of every day is a form of meditation, when one recognizes that all we have is the “now” which contains the past, present, and future, until this is clear, people are like children in bumper cars at a carnival. They try to make their way through life’s traffic without taking the time to learn to drive. Meditation is not just a spiritual life. It’s a craft one learns to help them move consciously through life’s convoluted happenstance.

There’s a voice inside each of us that speaks the truth. It’s a connection to spirit and teaches us the difference between illusion and reality. It’s the voice of wisdom subdued by deafening noise in the human mind. It waits patiently for us to listen and learn and live a more conscious life. When we hear that voice, wisdom transforms itself into compassion and unconditional love, and gives us the strength to embrace life and all its diverse manifestations…

(To be continued…)


Padmasambhava, 14th century Tibet