There will always be problems of one sort or another if we are alive. It wastes time and energy to complain about them. It’s not fun to over-dramatize soap opera-type situations that plague us. Negativity is easy to identify, and it’s even easier to get swept away in negativity’s intensity. If there’s no internal mechanism that transforms pessimism into balance and harmony, extensive bouts of depression and unhappiness will plague a person, and allopathic drugs often make matters worse.

Problems are opportunities to deepen a person’s inner life, to tap sources of Higher Energy and level out the internal playing field. We need to learn to deal with pressure and use it to turn rough interior terrains into serene pastoral well-being. Problems are a good reminder that we haven’t become spiritually enlightened. If a person cringes and backs away from subjective battles, their inner life becomes a garden full of unmanageable weeds. Problems are just opportunities to mature and grow. They pinpoint areas of difficult karma and remind us that only God is perfect. If meditation practitioners invest time in core growth by strengthening the chakra below the navel, they will transform problems into positive energy. Internal blocks dissolve into chi and become a force that activates kundalini. Practitioners learn to master inner chaos and use problems to connect with spirit. The alternative isn’t fun. People are defeated by their own problems and slobber around in emotional and mental back alleys. Wealth and power don’t solve this because suffering afflicts people in gated communities as well as people that live in slums. It doesn’t know borders or boundaries; it’s a disease that spreads unhappiness and misery in every corner of the world.

Problems are opportunities to deepen a person’s inner life, to tap sources of Higher Energy and level out the internal playing field.

It’s rare to find a person who embraces life’s teachings, a person who can listen to and learn from their own pain, who recognizes that the Maha-guru’s (life’s) knowledge and wisdom supersedes anything learned at school. A Tantric meditation teacher’s job is to develop in students a chakra system that’s strong enough to embrace life’s twenty-four hour a day teaching. The Maha-guru and its co-partner, death, surround us, and their University of Constant Problems has thousands of departments where glitch after glitch is a reminder that one must do something to strengthen a weak chakra system. Human beings must find the courage to learn life’s lessons and grow spiritually. They must cross a void that separates illusion from reality. It’s difficult to cross that void because very few people see the difference.

The conflict between one’s fear of life and one’s fear of death determines the actions of most people. There’s an internal fortress constructed from illusion that stands between each person and a resolution of problems. It derails life decisions made with little thought of consequences. The moment people internalize their energy and develop strong chakra systems, that moment could revolutionize the way they see each other. They’ll listen to and learn from miscalculations and resolve conflicts. Both parties are usually wrong, and each could learn from the other. If they internalized their wills and opened an emotional or mental vault full of knowledge and wisdom that had been shut for an entire lifetime, they’d no longer need to defend themselves. With all the gaffes that befuddle humanity, an open chakra system would enable people to let life be…

(To be continued…)

Painting by Samuel Parker

Samuel Palmer, Towards the Light