The mind is an energy force so powerful that when focused properly, it creates the most extraordinary work of art imaginable: a highly evolved and conscious human being. Tantric meditation isn’t anti-mind. It’s anti conflict and tension brought on by an undisciplined mind. Logistical thought patterns determined to figure out the future try to make sense of what’s senseless. Nothing fits in the game plan of a mindset convinced it knows better than karma’s unpredictability. Spontaneous moments are hidden beneath long-term plans for a future that never turns out the way it’s supposed to. Improvisation is lost in a dust bin full of memories, and mental voice overs narrate each step one takes on their path to a future that’s in conflict with itself. A quiet mind and inner peace, along with the end of nerve-wracking dysfunction, are more important than projected goals. Knowledge and wisdom from the source of creation enter us when the mind is no longer congested with chaos.

Kundalini and Tantric meditation quiet the mind, open the heart, give one internal balance and rootedness, and the strength to awaken an energy force at the base of the spine that connects the human with the divine. A developed chakra system enables the mind to detach from attempts to understand everything. The mind becomes a powerful instrument. When used properly, it opens the core of one’s being and builds a system that leads to inner peace. The conventional use of mind dwells on logical, well worked out formulas that plot life’s divisive roadways. It creates tension that upsets inner calm so needed to make decisions. It tries to fit the world into its own cubicle of comprehension and follows the lead of predicated rightness, strong ego, self-importance, and power over others. It creates war and social upheavals that desolate cities, stagnate villages and townships, and kill countless numbers of people. It caters to power mad dictators that destroy any effort to envision a future filled with love and harmony. The unhinged mind delights in revenge and the power of destruction; it delights in an autocratic image that lords itself over basic needs of other people. It’s the most destructive and contentious instrument readily available for human use. At the same time, the power of mind, when used consciously, can develop an inner life that leads to spiritual enlightenment. What’s killing us can also give life. Kundalini and Tantra are not anti-mind. They try to pacify a mind that drives one to the edge, that stretches sanity to its limits. They try to put an end to conflicted relationships with oneself and other people.

Kundalini and Tantric meditation quiet the mind, open the heart, give one internal balance and rootedness, and the strength to awaken an energy force at the base of the spine that connects the human with the divine.

The mind’s noise is like the background buzz of gridlocked cars, trucks, and buses we’re accustomed not to listen to. It’s like caged birds in a zoo. If we listen, the noise creates excessive tension. One thought in a million that passes through a person’s brain makes any sense. The rest are like static on a radio and wreak havoc with a tired brain. Tension becomes so acute it can cause irreparable mental and physical harm. It’s an unruly and exhaustive energy that tries to make sense of an illogical world.

The energy of mind is like a herd of wild horses that needs to be trained. If there’s consistent focus of that energy on the chakra below the navel, a human being’s noisemaker is transformed into a surgical instrument that opens the core of their being. It relieves the mind of great pressure and enables one to receive knowledge and wisdom from the source of creation. The chit chat of thought, like background noise, no longer interferes with the moment. It slowly disperses and disappears. It’s replaced with knowledge and wisdom of a transcendental nature, a fountainhead of spirit that flows from the source of creativity. One no longer follows logistical renderings that lead nowhere and never resolve a human being’s need for inner peace. People get headaches, become tired, and even get sick whenever they listen to a mind that never shuts up.

There’s no need to clutter one’s head with images from the past that fill the emptiness of the “now”, images that are filed in cubicles one looks at “through a glass darkly.” Every experience finds a home inside a human being. Each one is buried beneath repressed anger and thoughts of revenge, revealing itself in stressful moments as an unclear answer to a difficult problem. From a labyrinthine network of past mistakes, memories emerge and fill the present with stressful events that one would rather forget. Brilliant minds use time and space concepts to invent technological instruments that affect the course of history. Mathematical and scientific mindsets discover abstract answers to difficult problems, but the impetus to invent is almost always great sums of money…a force that drives people to do astonishing things.

Experience is a building block that makes life possible today, but peace of mind is determined by how developed a chakra system one has, how centered and balanced they are, and if they can live with open hearts. None of this is dependent on wealth or one’s position in society or the firm. Tantric meditation practice transforms thoughts of the past or future into building blocks that enable one to focus on the present. Illusive pursuits dissolve into a sea of nothingness that allow us to be guided by spirit. The weight of the past becomes a shadow world we detach from. There are no more ghosts of yesteryear adrift in one’s head. Instead, individuals embrace the sacredness of “now” with a lack of fear and a smile on their face. They listen to the sound in silence and allow their soul to embrace life’s teachings, and welcome knowledge and wisdom from the source of Creative Energy. Their rational mind is used only when necessary to decipher enigmatic projects. Logistics are laid to rest and lightness of being determines how one lives…

(To be continued…)

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