“I’m going to the place where the music comes from,”
Johann Sebastian Bach
said to family and friends just before he died.
“There’s no reason for you to cry or lament…”

A human being attempts to find logical explanations in a world where the power of logic has entangled itself in an absurd labyrinth of unpredictable events. One never knows what’s going to happen in ten minutes. Expectation is a foolish way to project a future that will most likely never happen. It’s a waste of energy that could be well used if focused on the present. There’s nothing wrong with having goals, but they will never come into fruition if one’s mind lingers in the future and isn’t focused on the present. The pyramids were built from the foundation up; hundred-story skyscrapers weren’t built from the observation deck down.

Tantric and kundalini yoga practices demand that we fixate on the moment. We develop a chakra system that enables us to focus on sights, smells, things we touch, taste, and listen to a symphony of sensation that reveals the sacred nature of life. Tantric meditation demands that we focus our attention on the core chakra below the navel and build a strong internal foundation.

I am not the me I think I am, but the other me has learned to transform absurdity into a spiritual life. It has learned to live in the moment and to embrace my own nothingness. No more ego, tension, or mental impediments to dam up the flow of Higher Creative Energy.

Tantra has revealed to me that spiritual and material manifestations must live in harmony with each other. The earth and the sky are married to one another; sexual energy is the key to both rebirth and higher consciousness if we draw it to the base of the spine. There exists a male/female union of energy inside every human being no matter their sexual predilections; and Tantric meditation practice reveals this sacred union and paves the way to spiritual enlightenment. Just as the male/female internal energies must mate, the human and the Divine must become one with each other. Each is sacred and each a manifestation of God. We’re born on earth to learn this. We’re also born to learn to transform suffering into love, pain into internal growth, our time on earth into a spiritual life.

It’s a profound intuition that brings clarity of purpose and the wisdom to live one’s life in the moment.

Experience alone provides insight into a mystical force that unifies lingam and yoni, that nurtures seven chakras and connects a human being to Divine energy. Whether one lives in the East or West, whatever the color of their skin, the country where they were born, whether they’re male or female, whatever one’s sexual predilections, one’s religious background and schooling, none of it is relevant when one practices Tantric meditation. The chakra system exists in every human being no matter their color, gender, or where they live. We all breathe and have minds, we all have will and need, we all would like to live happy, successful, and joyful lives.

If the need to grow spiritually is a real need; if the use of mind and breath develops a strong chakra system, then Tantra will manifest and guide one to the source of creative energy. Its intangible force opens channels that connect a human being with the Universal Soul or Atman. Each chakra has its own male/female entity that seeks union and wholeness. The heart, for instance, navigates an emotional swampland to a state of Ananda: unconditional love that sustains itself no matter the unruliness of life. The mind’s focus in the Hara enables wisdom and knowledge to manifest without tension throwing everything out of balance, and the Hara’s support and rootedness make it possible for all the chakras to remain open. A dialectic takes place in each chakra, a union of opposites that gives birth to both a spiritual life and evolved humanity. We’ve mastered the chaos that throws our inner well-being out of whack.

It’s not a matter of logical perception of the male/female principle, or if one can grasp symbological undercurrents with their mind and give them pragmatic identities. It’s simply a matter of whether shakti and chakra development become living experience.  Has it changed the way one interacts with other people? Has it given one a more subtle and profound view of life? Has the internal chaos ceased its activity? Can we sustain wholeness of being? Can we continue an inner work of such depth that it brings the pieces of life’s puzzle together? One never knows exactly what’s missing; one senses that chaos and confusion disappear when the chakra system is open. The reason for chaos and confusion is irrelevant; something the mind can dwell on for decades without finding a solution.

The quickest path from internal bedlam to sanity is an open heart. It’s more than a principle or psychological theory of human interaction with themselves and the world. It’s a profound intuition that brings clarity of purpose and the wisdom to live one’s life in the moment. We become whole, balanced, joyful, and full of love, and no longer allow the ephemeral to dictate life’s activities. When we fill our hearts with love, anxiety disappears, and whatever is missing finds a way home. Once the heart is open, there’s room inside us for pieces of the human puzzle to fit together. Unhappy people can find inner peace. They embrace their own humanity and have compassion for others. The human and the Divine dance a sacred dance, and one’s inner life reveals the soul’s need to embrace Higher Creative Energy in the Universe…

(To be continued…)

Mandala of Mt. Meru
Mandala of Mt. Meru, Yuan Dynasty (early 14th century)