Combative forces exist within every human being. They often manifest as an internal male-female struggle for domination. They also manifest as extreme tension, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. These combative forces never allow for inner peace. They’re like wild horses that need to be corralled and trained. A lack of centeredness and almost non-existent harmony and balance allows these shadowy figures to disrupt our mental, emotional and physical well-being. They also manifest in the objective world as mirror images of subjective dysfunction.

Kundalini and Tantric meditation practices create harmony out of chaos. They help one discover sacred treasures hidden inside of every human being. Knowledge and wisdom surface; love emerges from the heart. Foundation and balance give us strength to embrace life’s many changes and open doors that lead to spiritual enlightenment. The yin and yang embrace each other. Divergent opposites become whole and guide one on a path to cosmic consciousness. The practitioner discovers that human and divine must merge if one is to function with clarity on earth. Distraction no longer intimidates; if one focuses on the navel chakra, it eliminates dysfunction and enables one to distinguish between illusion and reality.

Kundalini and Tantric meditation practices create harmony out of chaos

I’ve discovered, after years of meditation practice, that illusion and reality wear the same costume, speak the same language, are diverse as well as one-pointed, and depend on one’s unique view of the world. Illusion becomes reality the moment we use it to grow and change inside ourselves. Physical impediments become a reason to grow or a reason to defeat oneself. They will exist in one form or another, a constant nagging sensation that implodes the moment we derail from a spiritual life. One must function with an open heart, with love, compassion, and forgiveness. No matter how difficult the circumstances, there’s a singular purpose: to learn to have gratitude for the miracle of life. When combatant male/female energies unite and become whole, when these opposites give birth to kundalini, the mind, heart and sexual areas also cease to be chaotic. They develop a superior consciousness that uplifts the meditation practitioner’s inner life.

The above might sound esoteric and metaphysical, but it has little value unless it’s made practical. We all understand tension’s menace and how it tears apart people’s lives. Besides pills and intellectual rationalization, there are very few places for people to turn to quiet the internal storm. The idea of a male female internal union that can give birth to a spiritual life sounds more like fiction than reality; the idea that a force called “Shakti” can move from the navel to the base of the spine and activate kundalini is equally absurd in the minds of most people. How can a human being give birth to himself or herself through meditation or conscious sexual intercourse? The very notion borders on the fantastical. There’s also another simple fact: most human beings use about 5 % of consciousness. The other 95% produce great art, music, drama, dance, and a multitude of secrets that transcend ordinary perception.

A substructure of spiritual energy attunes one to the metaphysical, a means of tapping consciousness that transcends the superficial. It provides insights into a lifeforce that guides one to the realm of the Divine. Each of the seven chakras is linked to Higher Energy. Wholeness of being, both metaphysical and practical, manifests when we’ve mastered inner chaos and sustain a flow of Shakti from chakra to chakra. When the power of chi merges with the yoni (female energy) and activates kundalini, a human being opens a door that leads to a spiritual life…

(To be continued…)

painting by Mordecai Moreh
Painting by Mordecai Moreh, a mystical work based on Kabbalah. Interesting enough: this is the first painting Moreh painted after he sat in a meditation class with Rudi.