The desire to open to and embrace spirit is fundamental to any deep meditation practice. To succeed one must invest themselves fully in that need and surrender tangible and intangible demands that manifest every day. The need for spiritual enlightenment must be more important than whatever else one desires. If one’s not willing to invest that kind of effort in their meditation practice, it will never transcend chaos of their mind, emotion and sexual energy. It doesn’t matter how many teachers they sit with or how many retreats and workshops they’ve attended, without a need to develop a spiritual life, people remain adrift in chaos. They often dabbled with esoteric practices but never use them to build strong internal foundations and open hearts. One’s need determines what price they’re willing to pay to gain wisdom, knowledge and unconditional love. It also determines to what internal depths their willing to plummet to connect with Infinite Energy, surrender ego, opinions, blockage, likes and dislikes, and anything else that interferes with a spiritual life.

The need for spiritual enlightenment must be more important than whatever else one desires.

Depth of need enables one to distinguish between what’s real and what is an illusion and realize that whatever we possess is temporary and doesn’t belong to us. We’re tourists that come to earth to learn how to elevate the soul and have a spiritual life. We’re not here to live in a whirlpool of ego centric and opinionated chaos, where spiritual need dissolves into material things. These must be surrendered at the moment of death. No wonder people are so neurotic. Everything they possess is finite, illusory, a temporary fix on the soul’s longtime journey to a state of oneness with Infinite Energy. They cling to what they possess. They think it represents security and their need goes no deeper than tangible assets which death’s inevitability rips away.

It takes an extraordinary effort to have a spiritual life, one that transcends material rewards and opens to truth buried in the unknown. Success depends on a need to transcend smokescreens that interfere with spiritual growth and overcome resistance to inner development. The need for a spiritual life makes one aware of the amount of work that must be done on oneself to reach the goal…

(To be continued…)

Painting by William Blake

Painting by William Blake