The Sex Chakra

As sexual energy flows to the base of the spine, changes take place that initiate a spiritual life. An internal marriage of male/female takes place and gives birth to kundalini. The human transforms itself into the divine. As the meditation practitioner moves Shakti through the sex chakra to the base of the spine, a dormant kundalini awakens, and its energy moves up the spine to the crown chakra and into realms of transcendental consciousness.

The meditation practitioner’s mind is focused on the navel chakra and free of conflicted thought patterns. Five to ten percent of their attention is directed to the base of the spine. Their focus on the core chakra provides rootedness and foundation when kundalini awakens. The transformation of the human to the spiritual in the sexual area, a cleansing of the mind and the heart of impurities, tensions that drive people to negative interactions with others, makes it possible for practitioners to step off karma’s merry-go-round and live happy lives. They take negative, life-denying energy and transform what could easily kill them into a spiritual force. The internal marriage of male and female resurrects the soul from its dormant state. It transforms tension blocks and encumbrances into profound internal quiet and a joyful heart. It activates kundalini’s “rocket ship” that connects the human with the divine.

If both partners draw energy to the base of the spine and ignite kundalini, an internal male/female marriage will nurture their chakra systems.

Sexual intercourse, when not self-indulgent or promiscuous, is a profound form of meditation. If both partners draw energy to the base of the spine and ignite kundalini, an internal male/female marriage will nurture their chakra systems. It’s not necessary to perform a sexual act to benefit from Tantra. One can also be celibate. The real questions are: Have I received enough training in kundalini meditation? Do I truly need a spiritual life? Have I developed internal foundation and rootedness? Is my heart chakra open? Is my goal spiritual enlightenment? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” sexual energy will activate kundalini and transform the human to the divine. Energy as powerful as kundalini used solely for entertainment purposes can be dangerous, druglike, and strong enough to damage the mental and emotional life of a human being. One needs training; one must develop a chakra system to support the power of kundalini and not become spaced out by kaleidoscopic special effects.

With the focus on sexuality and Tantra these days, it’s important to remember its true context. Sexual energy can contribute to one’s spiritual growth and is indispensable when one practices kundalini yoga, and Chakra development enables one to practice Tantra consciously….

(To be continued…)

Uma/Maheshvara, a 12th century Indian stone carving of Siva and his consort