When I take full responsibility for my life in the “now”, internal problems become clear, and I can do something about them. I make friends with the person “I am,” not the person I’d like to be. These problems are reminders that I haven’t arrived at my destination. I’m still imperfect and I have work to do on myself. I no longer try to stuff an infinite universe into my finite mental boombox. The mind gets quiet, and the heart’s pain is transformed into joy.

“Human tension is like compost,” Rudi once said. “What lies on the surface begins to rot and stink but what we bury in the earth creates an organic garden.”

The mind gets quiet, and the heart’s pain is transformed into joy.

Meditation practice has transformed my inner and outer life and it nurtures me as well as other people. I’m no longer afflicted by a chaotic mind and emotional and sexual quagmires. A power has developed within me that helps my mind to stay quiet and my heart open. I see my life with a certain degree of clarity. My creative capacity increases, and the deeper I take meditation practice the more extraordinary life becomes. I no longer feed internal pain and live a more meaningful existence. I find there’s little or nothing to fear in my life. I don’t have to live with a Sherman-tank-sized-ego that bludgeons its way through every situation. Life has its own rhythm, much like the human heart, and I can attune myself to that rhythm and treat life with dignity, respect, compassion and joy.

I’ve ceased to dwell on the past and future and live in the moment. I fully embrace my life as it is and use both positive and negative to grow. I bow to life’s sacred wisdom that shows me exactly what must be done to evolve spiritually, and life’s sundry manifestations are not my enemy but my teacher. I’ve recognized internal problems and I’ve learned to make friends with them; I’ve recognized that objective and subjective realities are mirror images of each other. I’ve surrendered what I think I am, or I’m supposed to be, and I’ve accepted life as it exists in the moment. When these elements of internal growth became part of my life, there was more joy, love, inner quiet and a more conscious way of living…

(To be continued…)

Green Tara seated