People are afraid to step off their karmic merry-go-round. They become so familiar with emotional and mental disorder that they identify it as one’s own true self. The pain gives purpose to their daily lives. They’re so used to living chaotic lives that peace and calm threaten their identity. They would rather kill themselves with their addictions than embrace the quiet of a clear mind and heart. “At least,” they often think, “I’m familiar with my own insanity and don’t have to deal with the unknown.”

A chaotic mind creates the recognizable pandemonium people live with every day…chaos that becomes an excuse for a lack of success, for unhappiness and a system wracked with pain. Without it, they wouldn’t recognize themselves. Most pain is self-induced over the course of a lifetime of tension that tears apart healthy bodies. It erodes the mind, organs and cells of a body until massive strokes, heart attacks, cancers, ulcers, Alzheimer’s, etc., take over. The body succumbs to tension; the body breaks down because of a lifetime of mental and emotional dysfunction.

To reverse conditioned reflexes, a chakra system must be developed that will open transformational doors.

People are so accustomed to play roles, that those roles often justify their existence. They know how to act and react, how to respond to dramatic situations and remain in perfect character. But when the unexpected takes place, when security disappears, and people fall back on well-worn behavior, and they discover that their old patterns are not so effective when they confront new situations. Their patterns crumble like a house of cards. They become tense and often speechless when conditioned reflexes no longer work. They drift into a void-like state in which self-image dissolves into the unknown. There’s nothing to hold on to, nothing to shore up ego and a sense of rightness. They no longer know who they are. They wander through a “dark night of the soul.”

People delude themselves with ego and rightness, but still can’t avoid the unknown. Behavioral patterns are a thin veneer that cover a pandora’s box of tension. To reverse conditioned reflexes, a chakra system must be developed that will open transformational doors. It teaches us to convert pain into love. It teaches us that it’s impossible to hide from the unknown. What we know about life might fit on a grain of sand buried beneath trillions of other grains of sand on a mile long beach. It also teaches us that well worked out logistics and dogmatic schemes don’t solve life’s mysteries. They do nothing but categorize pain and give us something to rebel against. They strap people in a psychological straitjacket and distort their connection with a quiet mind and open heart. They create boundaries that divide people from each other and hostile camps at war with other hostile camps that also live in dogmatic, well-defined cubicles. We’re taught to believe the external world has all the answers. We’re taught to believe if we hack our way through life, we’ll make the world a better place for us to live in. But to hack one’s way through life is to create animosity. It turns people against us and eventually it wears down the hacker. Conscious people look for a different way to live. My teacher Rudi once told me: “…when people hit enough of life’s dead ends, they begin to realize the best way out of town is the road that leads to a spiritual life…”

(To be continued…)

Donatello's statue of Mary Magdalene, The Penitent
Mary Magdalene, The Penitent – Donatello