The Heart Chakra

The human heart can be a swampland full of pain, insecurity, fear and lack of trust that festers, boils over and makes people unhappy, a swampland that needs to be dredged, cleaned and transformed into unconditional love and joy. No matter how dark and infested the heart becomes from years of anger, fear and ingratitude, it’s possible to transform darkness into a life changing internal spectrum of light. A murderer can become a saint and a saint a murderer; a junkie can become clean and a healthy person a junkie. It depends on the depth of inner work they do on themselves. The past becomes meaningless when a human being makes a commitment to work on the development of a chakra system and drops a psychic plumb line into an ocean of spirit, a plumb line that penetrates layer upon layer of tension till the heart opens and a sense of self-worth emerges…till there’s joy and love and deep surrender.

I never forget my mental and emotional condition the day before I met Rudi. Chaotic and conflicted, unhappy and insecure, I was ready to commit myself to a sanatorium, or, even worse, take my own purposeless life. Buried beneath my internal confusion was a need to have a spiritual life and somehow make sense of an absurd world.

No evil is strong enough to destroy the will of a human being who sincerely wants to live a spiritual life.

Every path I took led to a dead end and nothing soothed the anguish I felt in my heart. The memory of life pre-Rudi inspires me to work deeply on myself and commit my entire being to serve a higher force of energy in the universe. I refuse to return to hell. I was able (with Rudi’s help) to fight my way out of a psychological and emotional sewer and transform my inner garbage into a spiritual life. I learned the fine art of patience both within myself and with the objective world. I discovered that anyone can turn misery around. No evil is strong enough to destroy the will of a human being who sincerely wants to live a spiritual life. We’re born with tools that can transform darkness into light and joy and the craft of Kundalini meditation teaches us how to use mind and breath. The problem isn’t complicated: develop a chakra system that’s strong enough to keep one’s heart open. We must learn to forgive, to feel compassion, to be full of joy and gratitude; we must learn to be more human. These are not just words on a sheet of paper. They are states of being…important elements of life experience…the goal of every living person. Once this develops inside us, we no longer procrastinate. We prioritize it in our day-to-day activity. We take time to meditate, to quiet our minds, emotions and sexual tension; we connect our consciousness to Higher Creative Energy in the Universe.

Freeing ourselves from layers of insulation and resistance that surround the heart can be an internal effort one never undertakes if they continue to blame others for their problems. Most adults deny responsibility for their wrong doings. They’re like children that point a finger at peers, children that never do anything wrong. The day we admit that we can be wrong is the day we will learn how to make up the difference in ourselves and for other people. It’s an important step on the path to an open heart…

(To be continued…)

12th/13th century Kadampa Stupa