When our thoughts and emotions connect to ego, there’s no way to distinguish what’s real from what’s an illusion. The less chaotic the mind and heart, the more room there is for knowledge and wisdom. A busy mind uses up precious energy and forces us to identify with and crave self-induced realities that run rampant both internally and externally. Our thoughts pass through an ephemeral cloud that craves power, fame, money, success and other transient mind-sets that lead to the grave. We create our own misery. We lust after a host of shadow-like reflections of reality that are nothing more than our own internal confusion. We create so much tension within ourselves there’s no room for spiritual energy. The third eye is blinded by cravings for objective answers to deep inner problems. Though right and wrong will eventually dissolve into a state of nothingness as well as a profound silence that emanates from creation’s source; and life, itself, will eventually teach us to live in the moment.

The less chaotic the mind and heart, the more room there is for knowledge and wisdom.

Meditation practice will reduce prismatic reflections of internal confusion into nothingness. We can listen to the sound of OM…a voice that endows both wisdom and knowledge and chooses paths that lead to spiritual enlightenment. One’s inner life is no longer based on faith, dogma and rigid belief systems. It’s based on insight, experience, and a wellspring of silence that emanates from the fountainhead of creation and gives birth to practical knowledge and conscious living. We learn to transform suffering into an open heart full of joy and love and a quiet mind into a receptacle of wisdom…

(To be continued…)