The body is a temple, and the altars in that temple are chakras that link a human being with Higher Energy. The craft of meditation uses mind, breath, will and need to master the chaotic inner lives of people. It resurrects our consciousness by using tools we’re born with to help us connect with spirit. In Christian Mysticism, the holy Trinity unites the Father with the internal world of the Son (Christ) as well as a communion with objective reality. The child of God lives inside every human being and each human being lives at a point that connects their inner life with both spiritual and objective worlds. Kundalini meditation strengthens the chakra system and helps one give birth to themselves: an Immaculate Conception (of sorts) or rebirth that transforms internal mire into light, love and happiness.

Buried under a maze of internal chaos and confusion, there exists an abundance of untapped energy. When it’s tapped, when the mind, heart and sexual energies are calm, when there’s strong internal foundation, a human being can embrace spirit as well as live an active day-to-day life. When Lord Krishna reveals himself to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: “it’s as if the light of a thousand suns suddenly appeared in the sky.” Life, itself, mirrors myriad encumbrances that play havoc with our minds and hearts, and spirit encompasses the totality of energy in the universe. To shoulder the burden of both is virtually an impossible task. One must have the power, cunning and tenacity of a Greek god to survive the chaos of daily living; one must also have the strength of Zeus and the heart of Christ to make a conscious effort to develop the psychic core of their being. As the chakra system strengthens, we discover that there’s no separation between inner and outer. They are mirror images of each other. We cross a bridge that connects subjective and objective realities. What we see in the world is a direct reflection of our own inner condition.

When dogma and doctrine dissolve into spirit, the power of Kundalini transforms lower elements of life into enlightenment, and a practitioner goes beyond the limitations of faith into the realms of experience.

Kundalini meditation practice clarifies the sacred nature of inner, outer and higher. It develops a clear and conscious vision of one’s place in the universe. We don’t have to look for God. He is within us and around us every moment, and all of life exists at the center of creation. Genesis isn’t some fantastical state of grace that happened millions of years ago. It exists in the “now.” Every time we transform internal muck and mire into a state of rebirth, we experience genesis: a resurrection of our inner life and connection with the divine.

The Kabbalah (mystical Judaism) is also inundated with teachings like Kundalini. At its core is the Sefirot… a tree of life within every human being. A chart that depicts the Sefirot tree clearly resembles the Hindu and Buddhist Chakra man charts. On the Kabbalah’s tree of life, we find Beauty (Heart), Foundation (Navel area), etc. The Rebbes who transmitted these teaching must have practiced something like the meditation I learned from Rudi. Advanced Tibetan Buddhist yogis practice a meditation discipline developed by the Naropa called Tumo or Vase breathing. They breathe directly into the navel area and tap power, foundation and balance, and use sexual energy to activate the sleeping Kundalini at the base of the spine.

Mastery of internal chaos is at the core of all spiritual growth. When dogma and doctrine dissolve into spirit, the power of Kundalini transforms lower elements of life into enlightenment, and a practitioner goes beyond the limitations of faith into the realms of experience. Religion turns mystical and practical at the same time and dons a cloak that defies human comprehension.

Rudi’s meditation practice is an advanced spiritual work. One must be ready to do it. That doesn’t mean years of yogic practice. It means that old souls are presented with a meditation practice that can free them from karma. There’s no mystery in the work. It’s given to whoever wishes to attend meditation classes. All the fat is cut away and the essence stares you in the face. Rudra meditation refines and distills the essence of every great spiritual tradition, strips it of dogma and superstition and opens a doorway that leads to enlightenment…

(To be continued…)