The energy of Kundalini rises from the base of the spine to the crown chakra where it germinates until the crown chakra opens and Kundalini guides the soul of a human being to the source of creative energy in the universe. Kundalini opens psychic channels that transcend time and space and reveal a secret world hidden behind a veil of illusion. As the practice develops and the student becomes grounded, as the heart opens and the mind gets quiet, the esoteric and visionary power of a practitioner grows more acute. There are less hindrances to the flow of shakti. An organic evolution of consciousness transforms internal blocks into knowledge, wisdom, joy and love, and practitioners are guided to a state of enlightenment.

The best a swami, reverend, imam, rabbi, rishi, or holy man can do is help other people develop strong internal lives and connect directly with spirit.

The craft of meditation opens doors that lead to profound inner experience. From the initial battle with self, from the transformation of tension and anxiety to clarity of mind and an open heart, from the mastery of chi to strong Tantric experiences, from the first experience of Kundalini rising to the moment the crown chakra opens and we enter the astral plane and beyond, the journey through self is one of the most extraordinary adventures any human being can take. The amount of time spent is irrelevant. Thirty, forty, or fifty years are no more than a cosmic heartbeat. Like my teacher Rudi once said: “It takes nine months to have a baby and one second to die.”

Time and maturity provide not only wisdom, but a better day-to-day life. One needs to have patience with themself and patience with unconscious people. A battle of dragons goes on inside every human being, an obstacle course of resistance self-induced by a lack of training. As one grows internally, it becomes clear that nothing on this path is negative. That which impedes our growth is just a reminder that we must get stronger, a reminder that there are no quick-fix techniques, that the fastest path to spiritual enlightenment is the slow development of a chakra system. It makes us aware that each human being’s life is lived at a point in a triangle that connects their unique karma with spirit received from a higher source. Teachers that master internal chaos become servants of Higher Energy and attract students that are serious about their own spiritual growth. The role of guru could be dangerous if played by a person who uses it to supplement their ego-built position. The best a swami, reverend, imam, rabbi, rishi, or holy man can do is help other people develop strong internal lives and connect directly with spirit.

Teachers speak about Kundalini without mastery of their own inner selves. They’ve read a library of books on the subject, but have no direct and sustained experience, and their teachings are often based on false knowledge accumulated in the brain and distributed in logical, well-worked out formulas. They forget the improvisatory nature of Kundalini: a force of energy that taps the unknown and defies human logic. When first semester psychology students impart advice to other people, their mind’s need for logistics almost always interferes with a clear prognosis. The same truth relates to spiritual teachers who discourse on subjects outside of their direct experience. Most students can’t tell the difference between Kundalini and magic. Any buzz received from a guru turns them on. It takes time and maturity to know the difference. A teacher and student must ride the spiritual raft long enough to be able to navigate life’s rapids.

A spiritual teacher’s shakti connects not only to the source of Infinite Energy, but to teachers in a lineage that reaches far back in time. Once this takes place, a serious student of meditation discovers that the greatest books ever written, be it the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Koran, all these mystical and spiritual books were written from the deepest recesses of a human being’s soul. Their wisdom was hidden behind dense layers of emotional and mental bedrock and were dredged up by highly evolved beings who conveyed profound insights and spiritual guidance…

(To be continued…)