Cycles of change transform a human being’s mental and emotional state with wisdom that disavows the mind’s rational approach to life. Nature is a living example of how birth, death and rebirth sustain the earth. It surrenders the orange, red and yellow pomp of autumn to the barrenness of winter, and the rebirth of spring to the grandeur of summer. Death and rebirth are essential if nature is to survive. It doesn’t suffer from an overactive mind. Most people live in a linear world that dominates every activity. They are victims of their own shortsightedness and inability to see beyond good and evil or right and wrong. Well-formulated opinions lock them into predisposed realities where conceptual thought determines how they should function.

One’s breath becomes prayer; with every inhalation we embrace life and with each exhalation, we surrender a part of ourselves.

Humanity’s overactive brain attempts to chew up and digest nature. It’s a brain that never rests, that disavows cycles of death and rebirth and transforms them into sanctums of fear-controlled behavior. The need to understand everything reduces true creativity into a sterile by-product of mind.

Tantric meditation practice attunes practitioners to internal and external cycles of death and rebirth. Boundaries dissolve when consciousness transcends the ordinary. There are no more victims. Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be on the evolutionary scale: a woven tapestry that includes all thought, emotion and activity from the inception of time.