The practice of Kundalini meditation transforms the consciousness of a human being. Positive and negative become mirror images of thought: the good, the bad and the ugly are costumes that clothe our own projections, a self-induced theatre of the absurd that manifests around us. If we change inside, the actors, dancers, and stage settings in this theatre are revamped and reveal new performance levels. The external world changes as quickly as we change inside ourselves. The process of change is daunting, edgy, and a bit uncomfortable. It’s necessary to step into the unknown, to open to intangibles and allow them to guide our lives. The human experience of sadness, fear, insecurity, anxiety, and moments of joy and love, must be transformed into a force of Kundalini that guides our souls on their journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Tantric yoga is an important step on this path.

As the chakra system develops, internal strength and balance enables one to draw shakti from the Hara through the sex to the base of the spine; and darker states of our humanity undergo change. Positive and negative dissolve into a non-polarized energy force that activates Kundalini.

Emotional and mental attachments are transformed into primal energy. It rises from the base of the spine to the crown chakra and connects us with the Infinite. The goal of Tantra is to transform the human to the divine, but it takes years of training and mastery of inner self to find a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. There are many weigh stations along the road: knowledge, wisdom, love, foundation, unhappiness, financial success or failure, Tantra, karma, and the activation of Kundalini. All of humanity travels this path, but many individuals hide in shadow worlds that lack spiritual awareness and real purpose for birth. They have no sense of the soul’s true journey. They tread water in tension-filled lakes and ponds and believe that’s all there is to life.

The intense study of Hindu and Buddhist chakra man charts, paintings, statues or esoteric books that show gods and Mahasiddhas coupling, and depictions of mandala, will introduce us to Tantra. But these sometimes brilliant, intellectual studies will not help us master Tantric sacred practice. No one can master Tantra if they toy with psychic energy fields without a deeper sense of responsibility. Though the rational mind can’t grasp or explain mystical experience, a step-by-step, organic inner awakening and development of a strong chakra system enables Tantra to become living experience. The powerful force of Kundalini could upset the internal balance of a person who lacks spiritual training. But the slow development of a meditation practitioner grounded in the Hara, creates a dynamic that allows them to connect with spirit and live in the material world at the same time. It gives them the strength to work out Karma and make a conscious connection with God…

(to be continued…)