For people that lack internal development of a chakra system, the act of lovemaking can distort spiritual practice into a twisted hunger to satiate physical and emotional needs. If both parties give and receive unconditionally from each other, sexual intercourse becomes one of the most profound forms of meditation. It’s not an act of exploitation or seduction, but one of mutual growth and inner wellbeing… and sexual intercourse can be used to transform the human to the divine.

Sexual intercourse is not essential in the practice of Tantric yoga. If our internal growth enables us to experience Tantra and the transformation of lower elements of ourselves into higher consciousness, if we consciously draw energy from the Hara through the sex chakra to the base of the spine, we have, through meditation, learned the practice of Tantric yoga. Just as sexual energy creates a new generation of human beings, it also gives birth to the spiritual life of a meditation practitioner. He or she becomes “spiritually pregnant.” It’s an Immaculate Conception of sorts, an alchemical transformation of tension into spirituality and the raising of consciousness.

Like the Tibetan Buddhist metaphor of a lotus flower that emerges from muddy water, the practice of Tantra transforms the human to the divine. It can’t be learned from a book; it can’t be memorized or practiced by rote. One’s consciousness must evolve into a Tantric state; one must be centered, balanced, full of love and joy and an adept at raising Kundalini energy from the base of the spine to the crown chakra. One must free themself of mental, emotional and sexual encumbrances that choke their humanity. It takes time and a good deal of inner work to dissolve impurities that clog the chakra system, impurities that are like old, grimy sludge in antiquated and rusty automobiles. To transform tension and fear into shakti, we’ve got to quiet the mind and free ourselves from stress.

If the heart is closed, if there’s no joy, forgiveness and compassion, the Tantric practitioners’ vision of spirituality is just an emanation of mind.  They know what’s right and wrong, they know the Tantric terminologies, but internal conflict and polarity keeps them unbalanced and unable to find a true connection with God. To distinguish between right and wrong is often delusional because right and wrong are like vaudevillian quick-change artists that exhaust the human thinking process. They don’t give us the freedom to explore God’s boundless creation. It’s best to let life be, it’s best to give our thoughts wings, to let them fly into infinite expanses where they experience the unknown.  

The mind’s imperious nature is fed by ego, logic, and a lack of discipline, but when its energy is focused in the Hara, the mind builds strong internal foundation and balance. A person can remain centered no matter how much negativity is inflicted on him or her by the rest of humanity and there’s enough internal strength to practice Tantric yoga, to transform their humanness to the divine… a state of spiritual enlightenment…

(to be continued…)