Years of inner development and a consistent, steady refinement of consciousness enables a human being to experience Tantra. Put simply: it’s the transformation of the lower elements of life into spiritual enlightenment. Because of its sexual component, Tantra creates a good deal of interest in repressed societies and is too often taken out of context. Like all things deeply spiritual, it defies comprehension.

When energy (shakti) moves through the sex chakra to the base of the spine, a union of male/female (Siva/shakti, Yin/Yang) gives birth to an energy force that activates Kundalini. Most people have little or no familiarity with the psychic/spiritual mechanism in a human being. We all know about and experience tension, an epidemic so vast it touches the minds and hearts of eight billion strong. No one is spared its viselike grip. If tension isn’t transformed into creative energy, it backs up into the minds and hearts of people like clogged waste in a house’s plumbing. If not transformed into a spiritual force, tension erodes humanity’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Tension is like human compost. If used consciously, if transformed into chi in the Hara (third chakra) and drawn into the sex, it becomes a positive force that activates Kundalini. The marriage of Siva/shakti in the sexual area of a human being gives birth to a refined energy that unifies positive and negative and opens pathways to wisdom and knowledge at the source of creation… and the tension that’s killing us, when transformed into harmony and balance, that same energy that was killing us, gives life. At the base of all Tantric practice is the transformation of the human to the divine…

(To be continued…)