To understand the difficulty and pain we go through, to recognize that burn out, weakened immune systems, depression, etc. are a manifestation of energies that have been repressed inside us for a long time; to recognize that we’ve hit the motherload of a “negativity swamp” that’s painful and difficult and makes one miserable:

In order to win this internal battle, one must know the enemy; one must build an inner life strong enough to flush the “negativity swamp” from their system. A psychotherapist, bodyworker and osteopath can help, but what’s really needed is the development of a chakra system that’s strong enough to clean repressed poisons.

The “swamp” isn’t necessarily a negative situation. It tells us what the next step is in the development of an inner life. And what is that next step? Internal balance and an open heart: a strength that draws directly from higher creative energy, that can help us rid ourselves of the psychological and physical poisons that have been buried inside us for years.

On the other side of the “negativity swamp” is a spiritual life. We can all get there, but it takes time and deep inner work. We shouldn’t look at the “swamp” as a negative thing. It’s simply a reminder that we must get stronger inside, that we must build a chakra system that can transform suffering into joy and love and a connection with spirit. A conscious use of mind and breath through meditation will transform a difficult problem into one that’s manageable and free us to move forward on our unique life paths.