In every human being, there exists a system of energy centers that connects to spirit. These centers (or chakras), like physical muscles, must be developed to keep them from atrophying. It takes time, patience, and mastery of the craft of meditation to build an inner life that is strong enough to sustain openness. We’re born with the tools of the craft. They are the mind, breath, the need to have a spiritual life, and the will to do it.

The chakra system is like a musical instrument. It must be fine-tuned daily or our thoughts, emotions, sexual energy, tensions, and a host of other encumbrances will make us lose our focus, close our hearts, become unbalanced and prey to extreme sexual tensions.

A daily practice of inner work conditions the mind and body of a human being to live in a state of openness, a state that requires great inner strength to sustain itself. The process of chakra development is organic by its very nature. A logistical or rational mind won’t transform blocks and tensions into a spiritual life.

To understand the complexity of our inner lives doesn’t mean we can create pragmatic modes of behavior that open our hearts or create balance. A slow development of chakras or psychic muscles over time enables us to experience and live with daily openness. We don’t have to understand it. We must let experience be our teacher and be grateful that love, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, etc. become integral to everyday living.