The development of an inner life and a strong connection with spirit merges both life and death and makes them one flow of energy that brings us closer to God. Both are essential if this evolutionary process is going to work. The only thing that dies is the body. The soul continues to evolve through a void that connects lifetime to lifetime until it attains a state of enlightenment. Life and death are married to one another and guide the soul on a path that frees it from the limitations of time.

The greatest fear that people have is of the unknown. But, once we develop an inner life, once the chakra system connects us with spirit and infinite energy, fear dissolves, and we discover that all creative energy stems from the unknown… and life and death are one.

The composer Bach, on his deathbed, asked his friends and relatives why they were so upset. “I’m going to the place where the music comes from,” he said just before he passed on. He had embraced God and all of creation.

A Step Closer…

As life merges with death,
the soul evolves
and brings us
one step closer to God.