There’s much interest in Kundalini and Tantric Yoga today, but for these practices to be beneficial, a person must master the tools of meditation, those tools being mind, breath, will and a deep need to grow. It is essential to strengthen and refine one’s chakra system by the use of these tools to build strong inner foundation and balance, an open heart, a quiet mind, and an internal mastery of the flow of sexual energy. Tension, anxiety, fear, and deep insecurity clog up our systems and keep energy from nurturing every part of our inner being. Meditation is like a spiritual roto-rooter service. It unclogs inner pipes and allows us to be guided by higher energy.

The chakra below the navel, what the Japanese call the Hara and the Chinese the Tan-tien is key to the development of inner balance. People that attend the meditation class are shown how to use the mind to develop chi located in this chakra. They will also be taught how to use gratitude to open the heart, how to quiet the mind, open the throat chakra, and how to draw energy through the sexual area and activate Kundalini. The key to all of this is inner balance – the strength to support Kundalini rising which is the beginnings of a spiritual life.

There are three things going on in the meditation class. The first is use of mind and breath to build an inner life. The second is one’s connection to the world because meditation is a total waste of time if it can’t be used in everyday life. The third is one’s connection to higher creative energy, spirit, or whatever one wants to call it. A human being is like a point in a triangle that connects the inner world, the external world, and higher energy. Lack of training and inner chaos keeps people from bringing these elements into harmony.

The meditation class attempts to help people overcome inner chaos and give them tools they can use to calm them selves in everyday life, and to be more in touch with their own, unique creative energies.