My weekend at the Chicago meditation retreat made me realize how profound Rudi’s meditation practice can be. Not only were Paul and Nina Levy incredible hosts, it was a miracle to watch people change in front of me. Tension disappeared and heaviness transformed itself into a twinkle in the eyes of almost everyone present, a twinkle that emanated from the heart where joy and love replaced distrust and fear.

The answer to human dysfunction is simple. The difficulty lies in people’s resistance to an inner work that will enable them to get past their tension and connect with spirit. Most people live with a “Why me” complex and believe that someday their problems will simply disappear. It’s a foolish belief because problems never disappear unless we learn to use them as opportunities to become conscious human beings. They remind us that we haven’t arrived yet. That’s a good reminder. Without them we’d never do anything about ourselves. We’d bumble along from day to day in a comatose state and never transform that which is killing us into life giving energy.