Finding Happiness In A Changed World

A Mirror of Ourselves

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Happy people don’t fight wars. Kind, joyous and compassionate people embrace life in all its diversity. But, to find a person who can sustain an open heart for a day or two is more difficult than finding the Holy Grail. Most people are so locked up in their minds that all they see is duality and conflict. They are right all the time and that’s dangerous. It’s better to be wrong. At least another human being can teach us something and we can grow because we listen to what they have to say. When there’s no harmony and balance in people, and no unconditional love, war, starvation, greed, poverty run rampant on earth. Every day, this reminds me that I have to work deeply inside myself. I have to keep my mind quiet, and live with an open heart. I have no choice in the matter. The alternative is to get caught up in the craziness.

What we see outside ourselves is a reflection of inner conflict and confusion. War will never go away until people on earth master their own tension and anxiety, until their minds and emotions get quiet, until their internal roots get strong and they make it a priority to live healthy, balanced lives.